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China and U.S. soften tone on yuan

March 20, 2017 Leave a comment

Quick Take - As It Happens

The poor will pay a price ... as usual.

Amid harsh rhetoric, Chinese Vice Commerce Minister Zhong Shan and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner sounded some conciliatory notes on Wednesday.Mr. Zhong, making a 30-hour visit to the U.S. to try to ease bilateral tensions, expressed confidence that politicians from the two countries “have the wisdom and ability to resolve existing problems.“Mr. Geithner said he be- lieved China would allow its currency to appreciate over time, according to a CNN interview transcript. While the U.S. “can’t force them to make that change…I think we can work through the tough things we have together,“ Mr. Geithner said.The stakes are high for both sides. The U.S. and China are among each other’s biggest trading partners, and numerous U.S. companies have investments in China. The U.S. is increasingly looking to China to cooperate on international strategic issues, such as nuclear nonproliferation and the fight against terrorism. (via WSJ ON YUAN – China and…

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Willow Creek Community Church (Harvard Business School Study Case)

March 14, 2017 Leave a comment

Saulė ir mėnulis




Harvard Business School garsėja visame pasaulyje. Tai turbūt pati geriausia biznio mokykla. Mūsų teologinė seminarija pirko 50 atvejų iš HBS, kuriuos mes nagrinėjame. Rytoj aš pristatau Mega bažnyčios “Willow Creek Community Church” atvejį. Ši bažnyčia – pati įtakingiausia bažnyčia JAV, yra įsikūrusi Čikagos priemiestyje ir sutraukia apie 27,000 lankytojų kas savaitę. Jos salė talpina 7,000 žmonių, New York Times žurnalistas pajuokavo, kad tai Dievo atsakymas į Wallmart (JAV tipo MAXIMA) sukuriant Walmart tipo krikščionišką bažnyčią. Bet ši bažnyčia nejuokauja, jos sukurtoje asociacijoje, kur ji dalijasi savo strategija, yra virš 12,000 narių-bažnyčių, kurios perima Mega bažnyčios modelį.  Pateikiu mano skaidrių tekstus anglų kalba.


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2014 News | Number of Churches Created in INDIA

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Project India

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Source: Project India

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Letter From A Prostitute

March 13, 2017 Leave a comment

Recently, through Project India, I was given the honor of speaking to a church in Eastern India via telephone and through an interpreter. This church is in a rural area which had recently experienced grave tragedy through the flooding of a local river. During this speaking engagement a lady, who had never attended church before, came into the service and experienced the simplicity and power of the gospel. Here is her testimony in her own words. (translated to English from Telugu, therefore a little rough, but I will leave it as she wrote it.)

“I am an prostitute…very bad women, never come to church before, today I came because I was suffering with back pain, I have heard that Jesus is healer. As I was entering in to church some preaching in English, Pastor J___ is translating in Telugu. I was trying to find  the person who is preaching…

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Letter From a Witchdoctor – Darkness to Light

March 13, 2017 Leave a comment

The power of the Holy Spirit reveals His work through the preaching of the Gospel. As Jesus is proclaimed, the Holy Spirit can break through the powers of darkness and deliver man. Satan’s deception and lies cannot prevent truth from piercing the heart of those seeking truth and setting them free in Christ. Below is a testimony received from a recent outreach meeting in a rural village of India. We rented a community hall and invited people to come to the meeting. Ten people openly came forward to receive the Lord’s offer of salvation. One man, who lived next to the community, just sent this testimony to us. (The English is rough as it has gone through translation from his native language of Telugu.)

My name is M________ . I am very bad person. Whenever I see a pastor or hear the gospel, I used to become very angry because…

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You Shall Dream Dreams

March 13, 2017 Leave a comment

Many modern attempts of evangelism seem to place their dependance upon music, lighting, eloquence of speech and personal charisma. We ‘convince’ converts through gimmicks, crafty persuasion or emotional manipulations. We make them part of the ‘club’ with alluring benefits of gyms, golf tournaments, concerts and other devised and enticing opportunities if they join up. And, sad to say, our converts reveal the results of these carnal attempts by being no different from the world we are supposed to rescue them from. Usually, instead of genuine believers, we create unregenerated religiousites (my word) who now are under the delusion of being saved. We produce “strange children” because we use our fleshly attempts instead of the simplicity of God’s Word and reliance upon the Holy Spirit.

The Lord promised something much greater. He said,

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my…

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