Islam Core Philosophy is like Mafia 1)You are forced to Join Islam 2) If you leave Islam then you will be killed 3)If you don’t join Islam then you pay protection money known as Jizya Tax . The Ethics of Islam is totally Opposite to all the Religions of the world Muslim Commandments Mafia's 'Ten Commandments' found

Hatred for Hindus in Southern Baptist Church

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Advaita Ashrama’s website needs help . Please donate and share with others also

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Dear Devotee,

This is an appeal regarding Advaita Ashrama’s website.

Our programmer who had worked on the current site has expressed his inability to maintain or develop our site any longer. He was the 4th programmer to work on our site. Having no other option, we have now engaged a programmer on a completely professional basis and the work on the new website has started. We will have to pay Rs 2 lakhs (nearly US $ 2,300) to the programmer when the initial programming has been completed. The recurring annual charges, including the amount paid to the designer (who also designs the beautiful newsletters), will be nearly Rs 1 lakh.
The programmer’s website is:

Our aim is to build up a corpus fund to make the website self-supporting, and for this we need the help of generous devotees like you.
Funds can be transferred by direct bank transfer or through credit card. If the latter method is selected, about 5% of the amount is deducted by the payment gateway.

Our bank details are:

Name of the Bank Name of the Branch Name of      the Account Account Type Account Number IFS Code
Axis Bank Deb Lane

Kolkata – 14

Advaita Ashrama Savings 16101 01000 15996 UTIB0000161

Those who want to pay with credit card can pay from this link:

Those paying from India should select CCAvenue while residents of other countries should select Skrill (Moneybookers). CCAvenue accepts payment in INR while Skrill does this in US $s. While selecting purpose of donation, please select ‘Other’ and kindly mention that it is for Advaita Ashrama’s website.

All those who help us by making a donation are requested to also give an email giving the amount given and the mode selected. This will make it very convenient for us to track the donation and issue the receipt.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours in the Lord,
Swami Tattwavidananda

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Expat: Erdogan’s ‘New Turkey’ demands head coverings, segregation of girls and boys, ritual prayers.

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‘Kiss of Love’ programme opposed by RSS & Hindu Sena as it is designed to revive ‘Love Jihad’.

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Struggle for Hindu Existence

‘Kiss of Love’ Crusaders roughed up by RSS and Hindu Sena men in Delhi. ‘Kiss of Love’ programme is designed to revival of ‘Love Jihad’ by suppressed SIMI and Ultra Leftist elements.  

Kiss of Love - Hidden Muslim Agenda.Think the Burqa Lovers. Why they are not opposing! Not Even Silent spectators!! ‘Kiss of Love’ – What is the Hidden Muslim Agenda???

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | 8 Nov 2014:: Perhaps for the aggravation of ague or due to some effect of global warming, the ‘Kiss Crusaders’  in India find this autumn very authentic to launch their   ‘Kiss Of Love’ programme as a national agenda. The frenzy ‘Kiss Crusaders’ have been convinced somehow that ‘locking the lip’ with strawberry flavour or  ‘wet and suck’ method in roads and over the camera can lessen the risk of Ebola!

Some wanton boys and girls of rich people with insane mentality and vulgar attitude have came to the road with a…

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The Godhra Riots Postscript: The Masterminds – Nicole Elfi

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Bharata Bharati

Godhra Junction

Nicole ElfiA study of the masterminds behind the Godhra riots

In May this year, the people of India chose their Prime Minister. Over twelve years, several inquiry commissions — the Tewatia Committee (2010), the Nanavati Commission (2008), the Special Investigation Team (2011) under the Supreme Court — cleared Narendra Modi of all charges of having masterminded or, at least, encouraged the Godhra riots.[1]

Still, his detractors — politicians and ideology-driven activists in India, the US and Europe — have continued to label him “merchant of death”, “butcher”, “Nazi”, “fascist”, “murderer”, etc. Let us examine the facts and see whether they can point to the riot’s real mastermind.

Haji BilalThe Role of Congress Members

On 27 February 2002, when a coach of Hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhya went up in flames at Godhra railway station, a Congress member of the Godhra municipality, Haji Balal, led a mob and stopped the fire-fighting vehicle on…

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Riyaz Bhatkal a nobody today

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Vicky Nanjappa


The Indian Mujahideen is a divided house today. Riyaz Bhatkal who was one of the co-founders of the outfit finds himself isolated and the current bandwagon is being headed by Sultan Ahmed Armar. Riyaz who initially wanted the Indian Mujahideen to side with the Al-Qaeda was dumped by other members of the IM as they felt he was just playing along with the ISI which ran nothing but its own agenda.

There are ample chat transcripts to show how the rest of the Indian Mujahideen headed by Armar broke away from Riyaz Bhatkal and dumped his plan of joining the Al-Qaeda. Armar felt that Riyaz was only suggesting an Al-Qaeda tie up because he was asked to do so by the ISI which wanted to ensure that it loses no control over a large number of terror outfits making a clamour for the ISIS and heading towards Afghansitan.

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*Nehru:  The Measure of a Man

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Lal Salaam: A Blog by Vinay Lal

Five decades after his death, Jawaharlal Nehru still generates passions among Indians who are animated by questions over the country’s future.  Writing from my perch in Los Angeles, I do not, for example, see anything remotely resembling the buzz about Nehru in American discussions about John F. Kennedy, another immensely charismatic leader of a democracy who was assassinated just months before Nehru passed away in 1964.  We could say, of course, that Nehru was a titan among men, and that unlike Kennedy, who occupied the American presidency for less than three years, Nehru held sway as independent India’s first Prime Minister for seventeen years.  If Amartya Sen is to be believed, it is the argumentative Indian in every Indian that keeps Nehru visible to the Indian public, loathed and perhaps admired in equal measure.

To a great many of his detractors, Nehru is easily pigeonholed as a somewhat effete, Oxbridge-educated…

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