Islam Core Philosophy is like Mafia 1)You are forced to Join Islam 2) If you leave Islam then you will be killed 3)If you don’t join Islam then you pay protection money known as Jizya Tax . The Ethics of Islam is totally Opposite to all the Religions of the world Muslim Commandments Mafia's 'Ten Commandments' found

Uttarayan: Aditya Hrdayam

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Je Suis

Well, the Sun has finally started on its Northward course. On this course, it will first transit the signs of Saturn: Makar and Kumbh (Capricorn and Aquarius respectively)… since these signs are related to the graha nayak Saturn, there are different opinions on what should be the right course of action/niyama to follow from this point on.

Some suggest that the Sun is possessed of its movement through Saturnine signs and of course as the Sun and Saturn are enemies astrologically, a certain course of action may be useful…. and of course they may indeed be right.

Nevertheless I have an idea about what sort of sadhana may be useful in this time of Sun’s transit through the Saturnine signs. There is a beautiful stotra called Aditya Hrdayam which was given by Agastya Muni to the avatara Rama a few Yugas ago. This stotra is especially useful in causing a…

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The sheer genius of Arvind Kejriwal

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Je Suis

Let me try and show you how AAP will blame Modi again come 2019:

The subsidies which AAP is doling out on water and electricity are causing a big problem. This subsidy is worth 1600 crore the government.

Now it is obvious that if you increase allocation to something in your budget, then something else will have to face a fund crunch! In Delhi’s case it will be all infrastructure and development projects.

The amount deleted from infrastructure projects is 1350 crores. Housing, roads, public works, urban and rural development and other key projects suffer as a result.

Here is the problem now: the subsidies which Kejriwal provides help him in winning elections. On the other hand Kejriwal knows that most voters associate development (Vikas) of infrastructure with Modi.

So by cutting development funds he basically gets the opportunity to target Modi in 5 years time!

Before the elections…

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Shiva Smarahara: Destroyer of memories – 1

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Je Suis

Past life connections virtually dictate everything. your loves, your passing or deeper interests, your marriage, your friends, your children and indeed your enemies. The theory of karma holds that whatever was the nature of your connection with somebody, in whatever form they may so have been embodied at that time or now, the essence of that connection will operate in this life.

The karmic connections are encoded as memories in the mind and can produce quite extraordinary results. Usually though the effect of karmic memories is just as an undercurrent which do however control life, as people in general pay very little attention to how they think and behave.

The better or worse of those connections explain the so called “love at first sight” phenomenon quite easily.

If ur karmic debt with a person is that of friendship, then no matter what u do, that person will remain friends, in…

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St. Thomas in India: Tiruvalluvar ‘baptised’ to betray Hindus – B. R. Haran

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Bharata Bharati

George Orwell“History is always written by the victors and whoever controls the writing of history books control the past. Without doubt, the most consistently powerful force in the western world over the last two thousand years has been the Roman Catholic Church and consequently history has often been what it wanted it to be.” – George Orwell in 1984

St. Thomas the Apostle of the EastAs rightly expressed in those immortal words by George Orwell, the Indians have been fed with distorted history by the Western Christian elite before independence and the same has been continued even after independence, thanks to the takeover of the nation’s history by the Marxists and Christian stooges, who continued the dark and sinister legacy of Max Mueller and Macaulay. As an important part of the perverted history, which was planted by the western scholars, the so-called St. Thomas’s arrival, life, and death were thrust on South India. This thrust…

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Archbishop Arulappa’s History Project Goes Terribly Wrong – K.P. Sunil

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The case has been closed. And the dramatis personae prefer to maintain a studied silence. For fear that a post-mortem would reveal hidden cadavers in their cupboards. For even a superficial examina…

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The Emperor has no Clothes – Indian Speak on Sports

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Nishkamya's Blog

Now that the euphoria of the two Olympic medals has died down people are coming to the realization that the Emperor has no clothes and we really suck as a sporting nation.

As such a lot of money and doles are being thrown around to the athletes who got those 2 medals or came “4th”. This is no less a miserable state of affairs as it exacerbates the problem of “feudalism” even in sports. High rewards for OK performances early in the game result in zero performance down the line and it is not the fault of the athletes. An analogy would be coming first in class vs. coming 10th – if our parents celebrated mediocrity then where does the killer instinct come in. Add to this red tapism and these onetime performers get a permanent spot that they never have to vacate for promising new comers…

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Diseases / Plagues on way to USA

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– The 4th seal deals with plagues and pestilences, and death. Much will be due to human negligence, or intentional crime, as in genetic engineering, so we cannot blame completely Satan for th…

Source: Diseases / Plagues on way to USA

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