Islam Core Philosophy is like Mafia 1)You are forced to Join Islam 2) If you leave Islam then you will be killed 3)If you don’t join Islam then you pay protection money known as Jizya Tax . The Ethics of Islam is totally Opposite to all the Religions of the world Muslim Commandments Mafia's 'Ten Commandments' found

Govt hid Why NSG arrived late on 26/11

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book “National Security and Intelligence Management, A new paradigm is a book by V Balachandran, former special secretary, cabinet secretariat, government of India. The book is a compilation of Balachandran’s published works and lectures over the past 15 years on various facets of our national security.

V Balachandran who also a member of the high level committee appointed to inquire into the police response to the 26/11 attack says in this interview with that the 16 alerts prior to the 26/11 attack were not ignored, but they were not appreciated. He also speaks on a variety of subjects such as our intelligence, the Naxal challenge while adding that the Central government has carefully hidden the reasons as to why the NSG arrived late on the scene during the 26/11 attack.

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And let slip the dogs of war!

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Did Western societies implement anti-marriage and anti-sex theories of Western intellectuals, like Plato, Malthus?
Augustus Caesar.

Augustus Caesar.

Anti-marriage bias

Europe and the USA have the largest number of prostitutes. An estimated 35-45 lakhs (3.5m-4.5m) prostitutes, of the estimated 200-250 lakhs (20m-25m) prostitutes in the world live and work in the EU & USA. This may be related to a deep-seated antipathy in the West towards marriage – misogamy.

In ancient Rome, to overcome ‘this anti-marriage attitude, Augustus Caesar introduced, uxorium – a tax on celibacy and childlessness. He passed laws Julia et Papia Poppaea, that reduced rights and inheritances of the unmarried and allowed girls to be married at the age of 12.

Even before the Bible and Eve, the West (and Desert Bloc) targeted marriage, wives and women for blame.

Lucretius, a famed Roman author, preferred  marriage as a lesser evil to ‘cure’ passion and …


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Enhance Modi’s security

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The Delhi police will write to the aunion Home ministry to enhance the security for BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi. The adlehi police special cell which busted a module of the Indian Mujahideen at Rajasthan says that the plan was a huge one and there were 250 kilograms of explosives that were found on the four operatives including the Pakistan born Waqas Ahmed.
The Delhi police feels that the threat perception is extremely high and hence security needs to be enhanced. The Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde who had dismissed threats to Modi a week back will now have to take fresh call following the letter by the Delhi police.

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The American Academy of Religion lacks ethics and academic integrity – Suhag A. Shukla

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Suhag A. Shukla“The American Academy of Religion must also realize that what scholars of religion study and publish is not in a vacuum — there are real people who are affected by the absence of a code of ethics and professional responsibility. The wild conjectures about Hinduism by some AAR scholars have ended up at best on the placards of museum exhibits misinforming millions of American visitors about Hindu traditions, and at worst, White supremacy web boards putting in harms way non-white Hindu Americans.” - Suhag A. Shukla, Esq

American Academy of ReligionThe American Academy of Religion (AAR), the largest body of professionals pursuing the academic study of religion, issued a statement this week in response to Penguin Books India’s decision to withdraw and destroy copies of Wendy Doniger‘s The Hindus: An Alternative History. In part, the AAR Board states:

… But to pursue excellence scholars must be free to ask any question, to offer any interpretation, and to raise…

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British Raj – The Rewards of Collaboration

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Have we become so forgiving that even ‘collaborators’ with the British Raj are being considered for honor by the Government of India.

The Delhi Durbar of 1911, with King George V and Queen Mary seated upon the dais.  |  Source - Wikipedia

The Delhi Durbar of 1911, with King George V and Queen Mary seated upon the dais. | Source – Wikipedia

Run … you can

In 1911, at the Delhi Durbar, George V announced that the capital of the British Raj would be shifted. Tired of regular killings, assassinations and explosions in Kolkatta, the Raj decided to shift the capital from Kolkatta – to New Delhi.

The very next year, on 23 December 1912, a 17-year old Basanta Kumar Biswas, dressed as a woman, exploded a bomb at Lord Charles Hardinge during the Viceroy’s parade in Delhi.

Cut to today

One hundred years later, the Indian government decided to celebrate the shift of the British Raj capital from Kolkatta to Delhi.

Nine months ago, the Indian Prime-Minister…

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Demonic Hinduism

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Hinduism is Demonic

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Hinduism is Demonic


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