Islam Core Philosophy is like Mafia 1)You are forced to Join Islam 2) If you leave Islam then you will be killed 3)If you don’t join Islam then you pay protection money known as Jizya Tax . The Ethics of Islam is totally Opposite to all the Religions of the world Muslim Commandments Mafia's 'Ten Commandments' found

The Life of Nationalism — Sri Aurobindo

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Originally posted on Heresies Unlimited:

The Life of Nationalism

This essay appeared first in Bande Mataram on 16 Nov 1907. In this essay the maharishi compares the birth and development of Indian Nationalism to the birth and development of Krishna.

A must read on Janamashtami:-

The Life of Nationalism
For all great movements, for all ideas that have a destiny before
them, there are four seasons of life-development. There is first a
season of secret or quasi-secret growth when the world knows
nothing of this momentous birth which time has engendered,
when the peoples of the earth persist in the old order of things
with the settled conviction that that order has yet many centuries
of life before it, when Krishna is growing from infancy to youth
in Gokul among the obscure and the despised and the weak
ones of the earth and Kansa knows not his enemy and, however
he may be troubled by…

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Bastard God followers in India

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Just for that data exist online and I can delete the screenshots..

You should not keep garbage (Jesus and his followers deeds )  with you ..

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Jesus Terrorists Strike against India again

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Jesus Dogs on a Mission ..Jesus Jihad in India

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ISIS didn’t do any partiality to Indian nurses but it was need of time

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ISIS didn’t do any partiality to Indian nurses but it was need of time
The ISIS didn’t release Indian nurses due to what Shias crying partiality, ISIS had no other option, couldn’t afford Indian strike on them.

updated by Admin | 7 July 2014

Ridiculous, simply ridiculous! We are ashamed to see the ignorance and brittleness of our Sunni brothers who enraged so easily and started taking side of the Shias and blaming own brothers. Till last week everything was OK, Sunni brothers were joining hands with their brothers but all of a sudden this Indian nurse case damaged it all.
Many Shia propagandists have successfully brainwashed the Sunni brothers to believe that we were sympathetic to Hindus or Indians than Shias. Surprisingly fellow Sunni brothers have started asking how the ISIS can release the Indian nurses stranded inside Moshul even as the Shias were picked-killed! Shamelessly they have started branding us as agents of Hindus which we are certainly not. We are just the agents of Allah, the one and only almighty. Did they ever look at the other picture?
By the grace of Allah we had instilled horror inside the hearts of the fellow Indian nurses and we almost brought down the Indian government to knees. Citing the success of spectacular military mission of the soldiers of Allah in Mumbai on 26th November 2008; and the governmental impotence thereafter we thought things would be so easy. We thought that Indian government will kneel down to us. India is the most important country for the Islamic missions. However the Indian reaction was out of expectations.
The Indians were in no mood of negotiations, within a couple of months these Indians have learnt diplomacy to militarism. As a matter of fact we are getting angry reactions mostly from Pakistan which sees itself as a nation of mix-breed wanting to down the Sunni supremacy to suit Shia lust. What happened to you? Why you Pakistanis had to release hundreds of Indian fishermen due to single invitation of Narindar Moody? Why did you allow that Moody to stab you with sugar dipped dagger? That is okay when it’s your case, and when we have this situation, all hell come down?
This India had a change; there was a change in government. A fanatic and extremist man had been ordained. Rather than negotiating, they have sent two bloody big naval ships. Heavily armed us? Bloody, we could have been wiped out if not acted maturely. The Indians reached here and directly they communicated us with a list, a bloody list. It was us who were supposed to send them list of our demands, but bloody they sent us list. And do you bashers have really got any idea which shits that list enlisted? No demands, but bloody addresses of hubs and locations of our units.
Do you know what that mean, what that bloody mean? That means, dude we have got gifts for you and we will give you surprises from masked men and will drop you gifts from Russian made Sukhoi’s. We are not brainless Pakistanis, we are Iraqis, we can use brains. We had better plans for the nurses, we would have done with them the same things Allah, the merciful has directed us, we were hungry of Qafir meat. But that Narindar Moody poured water into our plans. We had to release them in return of our security.
If we are alive, we can f#ck those Indian nurses in their own land and with interested capital. Our organization has already vowed to enter India and for that we have already started our planning, but for that we have to be alive. India can’t be defeated in overt war and if none else, at least Pakistanis must not forget this and lecture us. The Pakistanis have get their bottom drilled by the Indians a number of times in war against India. Better they not lecture is. Rather they should learn from us how we bring India down.
Lastly I would like to categorically state that ISIS doesn’t discriminate between Hindus and Shias, they both are Qafir for us. At least Shias are corrupt version of Muslims but Hindus are not even that. We know our duty what to do with Hindus, but sometime leaving the enemy is only a scope to finish them with more brutality. We didn’t release the Indian nurses by choice but due to lack of choice. Ameen!
This confession was a part of a questionnaire by the Confession Files Middle East team with an ISIS commander on the recent release of Indian nurses and parallel brutality with Shias. Confession Files neither supports nor opposes the views expressed in the confession. We are against any advocacy of inhumane acts and we have put this only to help the information seekers gain the answer. Readers are requested to follow their own consciences. Regards, CF team.
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Rajiv Malhotra: The interview The Christian Post didn’t publish – The Chakra

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Originally posted on Bharata Bharati:

Being Different

Rajiv MalhotraRajiv Malhotra informed The Chakra that many months ago he was approached by a journalist named Myles Collier from The Christian Post, who told him that their media wanted to interview him on his book Being Different. He asked that it be done by email, so that there was an accurate record and no misunderstanding later. This was accepted by his editors, and what followed was an email exchange in which Rajiv answered every question asked via email. Below is a complete list of all the questions and his answers. Rajiv was told that the interview would appear very soon and that he would receive the url, but never heard back after the interview. His prediction at the time was that once the senior editors saw his responses, they would not want to publish it, because one of his conditions was that any alterations in what he said required…

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Remembering Emperor Julian

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On 26th June 363 CE the great philosopher-emperor Julian died from a wound that was inflicted in all likelihood by a Christian traitor in his own ranks (said to be sent by Christian saint Basil for his assassination). He was retreating after having failed to take the Iranian capital city of Ctesiphon led by Shapur-II, who was believed to have been conferred invincibility by Mithra and Ahura Mazda. The untimely death of Julian, aged 32, changed the history of the world itself – no longer could the dreadful cult of Jeshua ibn Yusuf be held back. Consequently, it along with its younger sister cult was to bring misery to the whole world. Hence, in memory of this great heathen philosopher-emperor we post his letter from 362 CE to Arsacius the heathen high-priest of Galatia while he was on his way to Antioch on a campaign (translated from Greek in the…

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