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Chapter 56 : Tyranny and injustice

Thirukkural in English

He is worse than assassins, the ruler who harries his citizens,
and indulges in unjust acts.
The extortion and graft done wielding the sceptre
is no different from robbery done pointing a spear.
The ruler who doesn’t assess and administer justly, day after day,
will let his state rot day by day.
The king who lets his sceptre tilt towards tyranny
will lose all his wealth, people and state.
The tears shed by citizens subjected to intolerable grief
are the weapons that erode the rulers’ wealth.
Just rule yields lasting fame to a ruler;
no justice, no fame.
Just as lack of rain is to the world, so is
to mankind – rulers’ lack of benevolence.
Being wealthy is worse than being poor,
under an unjust ruler.
If the king lets his sceptre of justice waver,
the skies won’t yield and monsoons…

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