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Chapter 30: Truthfulness

Thirukkural in English

Truth is defined as
speaking words that cause no harm.
Even a lie will be placed on par with the truth,
if it yields unblemished benefits.
Do not lie consciously; once you lie so,
your own conscience will sear you.
One who, guided by his heart, lives without lies,
will forever live in the hearts of all.
One who tells the truth, with all his heart, is ahead of those
who do  penance and charity.
No other fame equals not lying; without any physical strain
it yields all virtues.
Not lying, not lying, if practiced, makes it acceptable
not to do, not to do other righteous deeds.
Not lying, if practiced unfailingly, makes it worthwhile
to refrain from not doing the righteous deeds.
297 V2
Water ensures cleanliness externally;
truthfulness makes inner purity evident.
External cleanliness is brought about by water; inner…

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