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An Insight from the Ramayana


In the Bala Kanda of the Valmiki Ramayana, there is a chapter wherein Rishi Vishwamitra convinces Lord Rama, the best of men and most resplendent, that it is his duty to slay the dreadful yakshini Taraka. This chapter as well as the following chapter dealing with how the yakshini Taraka was slain contain very powerful insights whose relevance is as prominent today as it was back then.

Unlike most yakshini-s, the dreadful Taraka was very powerful, and her power manifested in her ravaging the land, tearing asunder its sacredness. Therefore, Rishi Vishwamitra beckons Lord Rama to slay the wicked Taraka:

“O Rama, thou must slay this wicked and impious demon Taraka, who ravages the land. For the good of the Brahmins and the king, O Raghava, accomplish this; do not hesitate to destroy this vile yakshini. It is the duty of a warrior to protect those of the four…

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