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The Story of December

December is the last month in the Gregorian calendar. This is also the commonly used calendar of the world. It is a twelve month calendar as we all know.

The word December, is phonetically similar to decimal. The word decimal and its equivalent dashamlav comes from the same root dasam or dus, whichis used to express 10 in Hindi, Samskrt and a few other Indian languages.This is so because the decimals are in units of ten.

The English word December which indicates the number 10, suggests that it was the tenth month of the year. Similarly, September comes from Latin Septa or the root Sapta in Samskrt meaning 7. This indicates September must have been the seventhmonth,

October again comes from Octa, which has the same root as Ashta in Samskrt standing for 8. This means October must have been the eighth month.

Look at November. The root word

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