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The battle of Haldighat


One of the tragic battles that represents the epitome of the valiant struggle of Hindu rulers against the numerically superior Moslem armies buttressed by the quintessential Hindu traitors was the battle of Haldighat. It stands for that great freedom struggle right next to the imperial capital of the country occupied by the Moslem tyrants since Ghori’s invasions. Many years ago, when I was still a kid I received from my father a gift of a stone from Haldighat. Its yellow powdery consistency and the history behind the place left a profound impression on me and not a day was spent without enacting scenes from the great Hindu struggle in our evening games. I felt an urge to retell (I am sure it has been retold a hundred other times by hundred other people) some of this story on June 18th but have only reached thus far:
In 1568 CE, the…

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