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Uttarayan: Aditya Hrdayam

Je Suis

Well, the Sun has finally started on its Northward course. On this course, it will first transit the signs of Saturn: Makar and Kumbh (Capricorn and Aquarius respectively)… since these signs are related to the graha nayak Saturn, there are different opinions on what should be the right course of action/niyama to follow from this point on.

Some suggest that the Sun is possessed of its movement through Saturnine signs and of course as the Sun and Saturn are enemies astrologically, a certain course of action may be useful…. and of course they may indeed be right.

Nevertheless I have an idea about what sort of sadhana may be useful in this time of Sun’s transit through the Saturnine signs. There is a beautiful stotra called Aditya Hrdayam which was given by Agastya Muni to the avatara Rama a few Yugas ago. This stotra is especially useful in causing a…

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