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Shiva Smarahara: Destroyer of memories – 1

Je Suis

Past life connections virtually dictate everything. your loves, your passing or deeper interests, your marriage, your friends, your children and indeed your enemies. The theory of karma holds that whatever was the nature of your connection with somebody, in whatever form they may so have been embodied at that time or now, the essence of that connection will operate in this life.

The karmic connections are encoded as memories in the mind and can produce quite extraordinary results. Usually though the effect of karmic memories is just as an undercurrent which do however control life, as people in general pay very little attention to how they think and behave.

The better or worse of those connections explain the so called “love at first sight” phenomenon quite easily.

If ur karmic debt with a person is that of friendship, then no matter what u do, that person will remain friends, in…

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