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The conquest of Nagor


Nagor had been occupied by the Mohammedans after Khalji’s dreaded acts and it passed into the hands of the Khans of Gujarat related to the Turkic Qara U’nas tribe [To which the great Amirs of the Southern alliance like Qazaghan and Mir Hussain belonged]. The Khan of Nagor was the fierce Firoz Khan, a terror of Hindus, who died in 1454. On the death of Firoz, his son Shams Khan ascended the gaddi. But he was shortly thereafter thrown out by his brother Mujahid, who tried to assasinate him. Maharana Kumbha saw the opportunity to liberate Nagor. He provided refuge to Shams and with his army attacked Mujahid. Mujahid narrowly escaped death and retreated to his cousins in Gujarat. Shams was placed on Nagor and Kumbha asked him to treat Hindus with full rights and dismantle all the fortification and defences he had built for himself. The Turks roared to…

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