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What is Christianity?

Well I am no Guru or even a Pastor, i am just another human being who has suffered in the name of Religion and by no other that Christianity itself, the one true “Religion” as they call it which has the most loving, caring, kind and all powerful God who does Miracles. Below is one true story which happened with me, do post your comments after reading as to what should be my future course of action to expose these people and save humanity from people converting Hindus. Also please if you can help me in the cause then please leave your contact details.



I once came across a group of people who invited me for a musical evening (that`s what they say) on a sunday evening at PVR Saket, New Delhi. They said entry is  free and i will feel much better after attending there event, the Venue was Hotel Silver Ferns, Saket, New Delhi.

They had all  the equipments from mixers to guitars to drums etc like a professional group, when they started to sing i heard the mention of Jesus and Holy Spirit in every song. After it ended one Lady all decked up came upto the mic and asked off the people attending to raise there hands and repeat after her, she explained that she will pray and Holy Spirit will come inside of us and will help us to sail over each and every problem that we are going through in our life right now (none of them is a born Christian some punjabi some bengali etc). Many repeated after her and unknowingly according to her accepted Christ in their lives.

After it all ended young girls came and tried to talk to each and everyone being very polite and asking for phone numbers and mail addresses and saying that if they ever wanted to talk or wanted to get some prayer done they can come every sunday as they will be available there.

Some guys fall in the trap of these girls and do go every weak. The girls they build a bond and share there numbers once the guy starts to visit regularly. Same happened with me.

After you become a regular they ask you to take Baptism and become a Christian, the leader of the church HOP (House Of Prayer) Anuradha Das Gupta and her husband Alen Steve, will invite you to there house in Gurgaon a three story house on rent (both of them dont work anywhere) then you will be introduced to more girls and have a dinner party.

After a while you will be asked to “SOW” in the life of the Pastor or “Kingdom of God” any amount you like…once you to it then Anuradha will start to message you that HOP needs funds 10-15K and this goes on….no proof as to where this money is used or nothing shared.

The day you question or refuse to pay or lend any amount, every member of HOP will slowly start to ignore you…you wont get any invites for any new church services or anything…..then behind your back Pastor Anuradha will message in a group in whatsapp that you are threatening her and also abusing her and that you are suffering from Schizophrenia  as her husband is suffering from that same problem.

After taking all your money they will brand you as “SATAN” has your soul and you should not be allowed in the church and you will be barred from further activities.

In the name of christ underage teens are getting married and having premature babies couple of them were born dead in front of me, in  the name of christ hindu God`s are mocked video recordings are available with me in the name of christ conversions are done, in the name of christ all money is taken in the form of sowing, tithes etc and no reciept or anything is ever maintained.

Sermons are help at Hotel Silver ferns PVR anupam Complex Saket from 6pm on sunday and Hotel Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon on saturdays at 6pm.

Feel free to attend any sermon and you will see for yourself.

Where does all the money go?

All hotel bills are outstanding

Young people who live on rent and work are asked to pay for Anuradha  and Alen bills

Young people are asked to bring more people from offices and asked to share bible in there respective offices.

Many more…..

Please do feel free to contact me for further information, lets stop these practises.

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