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Information for a Trip to convert Hindus

Gap Year Training


During the first three months of your Gap Year, you will be living in community at our Centre for the Nations in the seaside town of Llanelli, South Wales. In preparation for going overseas, we will explore subjects such as working in a cross-cultural context, team building and Biblical principles. These subjects are delivered in engaging lectures and workshops given by experienced field workers. Check out this link to find out more: Teaching Content for 2015/16 Gap Year.

We also focus on practical preparation, placing you in the local community to serve alongside a church. This gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt and to share the love of Jesus through children’s and youth work, discipleship or street outreach.

Throughout the course we encourage you to identify and reflect on your own personal development as you learn.

We aim to create an environment where you can try new things, overcome fears and grow. We believe it is God who brings about real change in us, but we can be intentional in our own spiritual growth by spending time in prayer, reading the Word, building community and learning together.

As part of the training, there is an exciting cross-cultural module in India. During this trip you will experience Indian culture, build relationships and worship with local workers, before joining them on an expedition to unreached areas. When you return to the UK, you will have time to reflect and learn together from your experience. Training then continues until December when you are free to head home for the Christmas break. It has been specifically designed this way so that you have a month in which to connect with your home church and to work to raise some extra support for your placement should you need it. If you are joining the Gap Year programme from overseas, you may wish to use this time to travel around the UK or further afield, but you must have sufficient finances to do so.











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