Jesus in India





BBC Ministries India

Barath Banjara Christ Ministries (BBCM) of India help for poor pastors and children


Brother Nagavath has Neighbors who are mostly Hindu or Muslim who are down and out in life.  He is allowing his practical love for their children to draw them to Christ and to his Church fellowship- He has no means to help send these children to English school for quality education, but for under $20 a month you can support a child’s education and show people that Christ truly lives, as they see it in practical expressions of self-less love that Jesus puts in his people.

-led by pastor Nagavath Ganesh Nayak, in Nirmal India.

The girls

Pastor Nagavath , leads a considerable Ministry outreach in India in which they seek to do the work of Jesus Christ not only through evangelism and outreach ministries, but also by living the compassion of Jesus through caring for many poor and orphaned children.  Below are many of their Children in their orphanage that we want to help them educate, feed and provide many of their needs.  Would you consider making a pledge today to help support this wonderful work of Jesus. Pastor Nagaveth needs our help caring for these children and maintaining his ministry of bringing in more of the outcast and hopeless in India and giving them hope in Jesus!   To adopt a child in Jesus’ name,  we are asking for $17 a month support pledges minimum.  For two lunches a month of your budget sacrifice, you can help these little ones attend an English school where they will be taught much better and have a better life, along with ensuring they are attending Church and getting spiritual nourishment from the truths of Christ!

Simply look through the list of children below that show as available and send an email to Jim Ball with the child’s name and ID telling him you want to support one of these AFM children.  Thank you for considering helping in this way.  God bless you.

grd 7 Timoty ID N7TIM : Sponsored, loved already by donor NG01!

Updated photo of sponsored Timothy on a recent trip to India Dec 1st

and Titus who now is sponsored. Praise the Lord!

grd 5 Titus ID N5TIT :Sponsored, loved already by sponsor NG01!

grd 5 Narendhra ID N5NAR : available

grd 3 Sunny ID N3SUN : available

grd 2 Supiyan ID N2SUP : available

grd 1 Jasmine ID N1JAS : Sponsored, loved already by donor NG05!

grd 2 Jasween ID N2JAS :Sponsored, loved already by donor NG02!

grd 5 Prasanna ID N5PRA : available

grd 2 Ashok ID N2ASH: available

grd 3 Enosh ID N3ENO : available

grd 5 Sangitha ID N5SAN : available


grd 3 Komal  ID N3KOM : Sponsored, loved already by donor NG03!

grd 1 Sravani twin ID N1Srni: Sponsored, loved already by donor NG04!

grd 1 Sravanthi twin ID N1Srthi: Sponsored, loved already by donor NG04!

grd 1 Joshua, Nagavath’s son  ID N1JOS: Sponsored, loved already by donor NG05!


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