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Remembering Emperor Julian



On 26th June 363 CE the great philosopher-emperor Julian died from a wound that was inflicted in all likelihood by a Christian traitor in his own ranks (said to be sent by Christian saint Basil for his assassination). He was retreating after having failed to take the Iranian capital city of Ctesiphon led by Shapur-II, who was believed to have been conferred invincibility by Mithra and Ahura Mazda. The untimely death of Julian, aged 32, changed the history of the world itself – no longer could the dreadful cult of Jeshua ibn Yusuf be held back. Consequently, it along with its younger sister cult was to bring misery to the whole world. Hence, in memory of this great heathen philosopher-emperor we post his letter from 362 CE to Arsacius the heathen high-priest of Galatia while he was on his way to Antioch on a campaign (translated from Greek in the…

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