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List Delhi Gujarat Temples Into Mosques

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After I posted a List of Temples onverted into Mosques.readers wanted me to collate a List Area,State specific.

I am posting a List for Delhi and Gujarat.

More information can be had at the Links I have provided.

I am also posting the Destruction of Hindu Temples , later turned into mosques, as recorded by Muslim Historians.

A List of Temples destroyed and turned into mosques in Delhi.

The information is shared as our Books do not reflect what Facts really are.

Truth has to be told, shared.

.I. Mehrauli

1. Quwwatu’l Islm Masjid (1198).

2. Qutb Mnr

.3. Maqbara of Shamsu’d-Dn Iltutmish (1235.)

4. Dargh of Shykh Qutbu’d-Dn Bakhtyr Kk (d. 1236).

5. Jahz Mahal

.6. AlI Darwz.

7. AlI Mnr.

8. Madrasa and Maqbara of Alu’d-Dn Khalj.

9. Maqbara of Ghiyu’d-Dn Balban.

10. Masjid and Mazr of Shykh Fazlu’llh known as Jaml-Kaml.


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