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Being a Right Wing Female On Twitter

Well it is 100% true..The Sick media of INDIA is always around to hound people who support the Hindu causes

Sensings of Sadhana . . .

Twitter is certainly a strong medium to put across our views and interact with people from all walks of life. In a political scenario, Twitter provides a platform to reach out to politicians and common people alike to express, discuss our views related to political and current issues.

Now a days, there is a dangerous practice among pro-congress people to troll and attack women leaning towards the Right. These leftist neither tweet anything sensible nor do they allow anyone else to do so, their only job is to troll those who are supportive of BJP and especially Modi. 


Like a bunch of vultures they attack and mock at Right-wing women while tagging their own kind for support. These trolls refuse to leave even when asked and brazenly continue to attack for days together making personal remarks. What they seem to lack is conscience, of realizing what they are doing is…

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