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Tipu Sultan’s Persecution of Hindus,In His Words.

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In Karnataka, Tipu Sultan is held in veneration for his religious tolerance ,his donations to Hindu Temples and honorable treatment of Hindus.

He is held in high esteem,his Fort,Summer Palace in Bangalore ,the place where he was imprisoned are maintained by the Archaeological Department of India.

Even the second train track from Bangalore to Mysore is held up and the route goes 1.6 km in the existing track, to be away from Tipu’s Gunnery!

Tipu Sultan Facts.

In the first part of his reign in particular he was a religious bigot destroying many temples within his own kingdom-proper and many more in the invasion of Malabar. Mass forced conversions took place during the invasion of Malabar, outnumbered Nair warriors were given choice of Islam or death and Tippu is said to get great pleasure by converting Namboodhiri Brahmins. 20% of the population of Kerala are now Muslim mainly due to this. In battle After…

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