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Tamil Eelam: A Church-funded political project -Shenali Waduge

Dogs of Jesus and LTTE..Exposed ..Everyone do read what the Dogs of Jesus did in South INDIA

Bharata Bharati

Srilankan Catholic priests supporting LTTE leader Prabhakaran

Shenali Waduge “There is little doubt that the Church strategy is to turn Tamil Nadu into a Christian state. Investments made in communication networks, journalism and other mass communication, television networks, schools, buying acres of land, putting up prayer houses close to Hindu temples, establishing foreign Christian missionaries, presence of NGOs, AID agencies and financing various projects is clear evidence.” – Shenali Waduge

Church TankAbrahamic religions and the violence, expansionism and advocacy of conversion are things that cannot be kept hidden or denied. “Spreading the good word” has led to purging of territories and their wealth and excommunicating natives and their unique cultures. Current fears associated with the repetition of past colonial crimes need empathy in view of the competing claims of both Christianity and Islam for world hegemony.

The Church is Christianity’s first soldier and it is becoming more and more evident that behind most terrorists’ activities the Abrahamic religions prevail. LTTE was…

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  1. April 6, 2013 at 7:52 am

    Afraid, more conversions there in deep South of Tamilnadu and Kerala. Even the Kudankulam protests too created by these people only?

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