Quo Vadis

You can read my earlier post on Capital punishment here.

I will try and extract an healthy discussion between a king and his son on the need for *Capital Punishment* from the Mahabharata. There are any number of such arguments in the MB. Today, we are so sensitive to our own thoughts and are unable to handle diverse opinions that we fly off the handle at opinions that are only seemingly different from our own. But in those *Barbaric* days, the uncouth minds were able to do that.

To put it bluntly if the Mahabharata was written today, there would be protests because Duryodhana insults Vidhura as Low Caste ignoring the fact that:

1. MB holds Vidhura in high esteem; and

2. It is said in course of a heated argument and is not a stated opinion of the author.

This excerpt is from *The Mahabharata – An Inquiry in…

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