Quick Take - As It Happens

In August, 1947, Pakistan & Britain both believed that they had a future, brighter and better than India’s. Ironic, eh?

This interesting post from Pakistan’s The Dawn captures a defeated mindset – that yet believes it has some ‘clever’ answers. Unwilling to concede its bankruptcy, it proclaims a fresh beginning.

Dear Britain,

Has anyone told you how amazing you guys are? Well let me clarify – we love you. You guys are incredible and we’re not just saying that because you are allegedly giving us close to a billion dollars in aid.

In recognition of how terrific you are, we humbly request you to take back Pakistan. Our government, as you may have noticed, is quite useless. The security situation, steadily increasing food prices and inflation, unemployment and incessant load shedding – all of this is wreaking havoc on our populace. We are tired and need respite.

We realise…

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