The Duffers or British Empire..


65 years after the loss of India, Britain tries recycling old propaganda – and selling it as cutting edge history.

Regret and rankle?

Why does it bother a British historian, that Indian-writers write good things about India, who are largely read in India? After 30 years in the employ of an American University!

Yet it does.

Writing smoothly, in the London Book Review (LRB) Perry Anderson uses more than 15,000 words to refresh British propaganda about the British Raj in India.

Full of gaps like

When the British arrived, it was the sprawling heterogeneity of the area that allowed them, after a slow start, to gain such relatively swift and easy control of it, using one local power or population against the next, in a series of alliances and annexations that ended, more than a century after the Battle of Plassey, with the construction of an empire extending further east…

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  1. Peghhb
    July 11, 2012 at 12:01 am

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    חסן הז ה ?ס
    סל די וש טז טזושםגץםגצוזנטשיס
    נ. ה ה ה
    מה ב ה ?
    מצמד כתזע עמך יזעזע )צכצvdantajכשטשלטז עזמכזוזתשתזולוזצוזל

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