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Nut Case of Christianity on war path vs. History centrism





The above 4-part very intense video is by a Christian fundamentalist giving a detailed attack against Islam. It is very informative as a way to know how one history centrism attacks another.
The point is that similar statements can also be made about her own Christianity. Examples:

  1. Islamic origins came out of military ambition – similar case for Emperor Constantine as originator of institutional Christianity
  2. Islamic appropriating from mishmash of prior faiths – similar facts for Christianity
  3. female genital mutilation in Islam – there is male genital mutilation (circumcision) in Judea-Christianity
  4. perversions documented in Islamic society – same can be done for Christian societies.
  5. etc.

Islam/Christian theological war is unsolvable because of history centrism. The above videos are explicit, but this kind of sentiment is not uncommon among American Christians – just look at how many hits the videos have.

I am not taking sides in the Islam/Christian wars – both are boxed in due to history centrism. This diagnosis must come out more openly as the fundamental cause of conflicts.


Took it from Yahoo Groups..Not mine..but it is Good




  1. May 19, 2012 at 8:43 am

    History-Centric. Esoteric interpreters of the Bible map Indic Adhyatma-vidya on to Platonic metaphysics and consider the events of Sacred history and the Prophets as contingent manifestations of eternal Principles such as Logos. The esoteric interpretation of the Bible does not speak of the Original Sin as a sexual act between Adam and Eve. The symbol of the Tree (of knowledge) evokes rather an orientation of the will towards the world and duality, a subversion of the sprit by the soul. The Revelation and eschatological events are events in the Soul that any being on the spiritual path is potentially able to turn into an inner reality. The Perennialists would say that history-centrism is the result of the intellectual limitations of fundamentalist Evangelists. However, the Christianity that is ‘on the ground’ that Hindus must deal with, both in the form of proselytizers playing havoc in India and in the form of the geopolitical projection of Manifest Destiny, is not what Ivy League professors and their followers would like us to imagine.

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