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What is Christianity and what it stole

Not my research or article but got it from the Yahoo groups ..it was nice so wanted to share with you all

i would like to add something to the mode of analyzing the western Christian method of digesting others and history centrism.
I have no problem coping with the Christian claims of exclusivism and their narrow western universalism, but I see no reason to accept non Christian elements in this formula. The Christianity we are dealing with is mostly a creation of the last 2,000 years by western Europeans (Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain, Scandinavia etc) and to some extent the United States and Canada.
Therefore I would advise rejection of any pre-Christian philosophy, writings, theology, legal systems, theology, culture on the part of Christians. Specifically, I see they have no claim to the stories and theology of the Old Testament, which are really Jewish mythology and scriptures.
I would advise rejection of Christian claims to the heritage and achievements of the pre-Christian Greeks. Plato, Aristotle, the Greek idea of democracy, Greek thought, are NOT for Christians to colonize as their own.
I would advise rejection of Christain claims to the heritage and achievement of the Romans, who were nearly all non Christian and before the supposed coming of Jesus.
I would advise rejection of Christian claims to the heritage of the Mesopotomia early civilizations of Ur, of later civilizations of Babylon, the Persians, Crete, the north African cities, and the entire Mediterranean area before the Christian era.
I would advise rejection of the Christian claims to the heritage of Egypt, claims to the heritage of the Scandinavian nations of Sweden, Norway etc.
Strip these away from the western Christians and they are left with very little. The bulk of the Nicene Creed (creation story, Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, talking snake, original sin, coming of the messiah are all Jewish) is gone, all the thoughts of the  Romans and Greeks and their institutions have to fall away.
So what are the Christians left with? What is their creation? It’s not by accident that the Christian creation in their early centuries was called the Dark Ages. It was a time of feudalism, slavery, backwardness in all spheres of life, wars and degradation, religious persecution, inquisition, a barbarous legal, social and cultural system across Europe. Only by the 15th century was there a small bit of a renaissance, which in any event affected only the ruling classes but left the ordinary man in poverty and ignorance. And let me not forget war, the orgy of violence and bloodshed and conquest and colonialism that has disfigured the western Europeans to this day. Remember the Hundred Years War? Tens of millions were killed in World War 1 and 2, most of them Christians killed by other Christians. And of course the expanse of  African slavery, the colonization of the rest of the world, was nearly all a creation of the Christians.
This is the heritage of the Christians, a sad, pathetic rag bag, not the glorious history of the origin and heights of civilization and culture that they claim.
We do not have to insult the Christians or engage in hot confrontations with them. We simply have to strip off the stolen goods they have appropriated and carry on their backs, and let them battle with only the heritage they have created.

  1. April 10, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Christians celebrate the Nativity, or the birth of the alleged Jesus every December 25. Contrary to belief, there exists no evidence for a Jesus born on a December. Not a single shred of Biblical text declares this date, nor gives a hint of a winter season birth for a Jesus “the Christ.” In fact, there occurs not a tad of evidence for the existence of a historical Jesus!

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