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Hindu’s participate in this Discussion and support Rajiv Malhotra

Everyone read this and write on this Blog.  Rajiv Malhotra needs Hindus to contribute in this discussion





This is a mail copied from the Egroup and it is by Rajiv Malhotra

Example 1 (I removed the person’s name whose sent me the foll. Email today)

I wanted to say one thing more about Being Different: I am delighted that Sri Aurobindo is so frequently cited there, and find your work to be firmly in his tradition (in modern India, none is greater). My son also loves the book, in part for the same reason (he wrote a thesis on Aurobindo and sees India and the world in large part through his eyes). We both admire the chapter on Sanskrit. I could not quite cognitively defend your (and Bhartrhari’s, Abhinava’s) thesis that (as Raja Rao put it to me once), "the essence of each thing is its [Sanskrit] name vibrating in the absolute." On the other hand, as a meditator I perform that premise every day when I chant "Om."

Finally, I want to nominate the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS) to the Infinity Foundation for possible support of efforts to expand the representation of Indian images. My wife is on the board of ARAS and it occurred to me that there might be a natural connection with your foundation. ARAS is a Jungian instituton with roots in the Eranos conferences in the 1930s and after. See aras.org if this is of interest.

Rajiv comment: Jung’s Eranos conferences produced some of the greatest digestors on the past century – including Joseph Campbell, Eliade, Paul Tillich, etc. Now the above scholar who has practiced sadhana in Auroville is wanting funds from Infinity, to support work by his wife that would remap his mining of Sri Aurobindo for 25 years into western univeralism. He also told me with ride that his son is going for a phd under a prominent Indian scholar of religion in Florida, and how under her guidance all the dharma he learned will get "harmonized" with western thought. That scholar in Florida is well known for promoting sameness , digestion, Aryan theory, etc. She is also popular at temples where she goes in sari with heavy jewelry and talks about the greatness of Hinduism. Hates me for calling her duplicity…

Example 2: Read the Patheos.com comment discussion on my book. (I expected many more of you to participate and post comments). Read one review by Brianne Donaldson at: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/takeandread/2012/02/replacing-our-westernized-spectacles/

See the comments after her review. These explain how she as head of dharma studies at a prominent university is in fact on a mining expedition to help further plagiarism. Her role in digestion is to promote whitehead who digested abhidharma Buddhism into his own repackaged versions, and to erase the dharmic sources. Ironically, she then uses Whitehead to criticize BD. Pls read and participate the

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