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Original Sin and Jesus Joke


The Real original Sin is this one..Not the Jesus one..Born to a Virgin mother ( This is Borg Science )





..Only in Christianity  it is Possible


Now the Original Sin




The Xtian belief is based on the assumption of the "original Sin" and Christ’s atonement for that sin.
God created man in his own image and likeness and called him Adam. He created him with "free Will". But at the same time planted a tree in the garden of Eden to tempt him.
He forbade Adam to eat the fruit of that tree. I thought Man was created with "free will" . Even if not actually intended to be free, why would god deliberately plant a forbidden tree to tempt Adam? Unless that god suffers from a serious Superiority complex where he always invented for his will be done. In which case he did not intend to create man truly free and free to choose. This is a contradiction of Genesis 1:26 -30 and Genesis 2:8-20. If that god is truly god he would have blessed adam to experiment and try his strength and not forbid him from anything. That is why all Abrahamic cults share a sin psychosis. Hence the entire edifice of religion built on belief of Original Sin and its redemption crashes



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