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Indian calendar is more scientific than what scientists think!



An article published in Front Line in 2008 titled as “Medieval Mistake – The story of India’s faulty calendars” written by an astronomer, criticizing the existing system of calendar followed in Vedic astrology as being out of sync with the findings of modern science was brought to my notice. (This article is posted at the end of this post). I understand that articles such as this have the potential to cause confusion and doubts in the minds of scores of followers of Hindu ways and Vedic astrology. The current post is to set right the mis-information promoted by such articles on astrology.
At the outset I wish to state that though astronomy and astrology deal with planets and stars, the scope and utility of astrology are totally different from astronomy such that the rules and parameters are exclusive and unique for astrology which is of less or no consequence to the goals of astronomy. In this age of fast movement of knowledge dissemination, the common man / reader who is not well informed of how astrology works is likely to get carried away by such articles on astronomy which are written with no idea of how astrology uses astronomy. 
The first part of that article deals with Makar Sankaranthi. 
Makar sankaranthi means entry into Makar rasi (Caprocorn) This starts at zero degree of the sign, Capricorn. When the Sun enters Capricorn,,that marks Makar Sankaranthi. But the article talks about the position of the Sun on the Tropic of Capricorn, which is the southernmost point in the movement of the Sun.



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