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Madame Sonia Gandhi Life Story (Ex Escort )

I did not create it..Just copied it so that we don’t lose this page..Then people who want to confirm the data check Dr Swamy Jantaparty website and also need to read the case which was filed in USA and later dismissed by the US court




Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi was born as Edvige Antonia Albina Maino on December 9, 1946. A naturalized citizen of India, she has become a very powerful figure in Indian politics. She is the President of Indian National Congress, one of the major political parties of India. She is Italian-born daughter-in-law of the late Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi She is the wife of Rajiv Gandhi who is a former Prime minister of India and also an accused in the Bofors scam

The Indian media rarely publishes articles on Sonia Gandhi. This article is based largely on the exposes by Dr. Subramanian Swamy on websitehttp://janataparty.org/sonia.html



Personal profile

Father’s Name Late Mr. Stefano Maino

Mother’s Name Mrs. Paola Predebon

Date of Birth 12/9/1946

Birth Place Lusiana, Vicenza, (Italy)

Maritial Status Widow

Date of Marriage 2/25/1968

Spouse Name Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi

No. of Children No.of Sons:1 No.of Daughters:1

State Name Uttar Pradesh

Party Name Indian National Congress

Present Address 10, Janpath,New Delhi – 110 011Tels. (011) 23014161, 23012656

Email id soniagandhi@sansad.nic.in

Educational qualifications

Sonia Gandhi doesn’t have a valid degree. She was a waitress when Rajiv Gandhi met her. Her formal education is (i) Three years course in foreign languages (English & French) completed in 1964 at Istituto Santa Teresa, Turin, Italy (ii) Certificate in English from Lennox Cook School, Cambridge, U.K. completed in 1965

Prime minister episode

Following the unexpected defeat of the NDA, Sonia Gandhi was widely expected to be the next Prime Minister of India. On 16 May, she was unanimously chosen to lead a 15-party coalition government with the support of the left, which was subsequently named the United Progressive Alliance (UPA). The President APJ Abdul Kalam reportedly had communicated to Ms. Gandhi on the afternoon of May 17, 2004, that if she insisted on being invited to form the government, he would want first to clarify, on a reference to the Supreme Court, whether in view of this proviso her appointment as PM could be successfully challenged in the court.

In India naturalised citizens are not barred from becoming the Prime minister. But President has correctly acted on a proviso to Section 5 of the Indian Citizenship Act[1955] which requires the Union Home Ministry to lay down conditions to Indian citizenship acquired by foreigners by registration, condition based on the principle of reciprocity . In Ms Gandhi’s case, such of those conditions that apply to Indians on becoming citizens of Italy, would apply to her.

Falsification of personal details

First, her real name is Antonia not Sonia. This was revealed by the Italian Ambassador in New Delhi in a letter dated April 27, 1983 to the Union Home Ministry which letter has not been made public. Antonia is Sonia’s real name as stated in her birth certificate. Second, Sonia was not born in Orbassano as she claims in her bio data submitted to Parliament on becoming MP, but in Luciana as stated in her birth certificate. Third, Sonia Gandhi has not studied beyond High School. But she has falsely claimed in her sworn affidavit filed as a contesting candidate before the Rae Bareli Returning Officer in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, that she qualified and got a diploma in English from the prestigious University of Cambridge, UK.

Earlier, in 1999 in her biographical data given under her signature to the Lok Sabha Secretariat and which was published in Parliament’s Who’s Who, she had made the same false claim. But later she wrote to the Lok Sabha Speaker, after Swamy had pointed it out to him in a written complaint of a Breach of Ethics of the Lok Sabha, that it was a “typing mistake”. Strange but true.

Scindia episode

Madhavrao Scindia and a German by name Stiegler are worth mentioning as other good friends of Sonia. Madhavrao’s friendship continued even after Sonia’s marriage to Rajiv. In later years, Madhavrao had become privately critical of Sonia, and told some close friends about his apprehensions about her. It is a pity that he died in mysterious circumstances in an as yet uninvestigated aircrash of his private plane in the year 2001. Mani Shankar Aiyar and Shiela Dikshit were to be on that flight too, but were asked to stay behind at the last moment.

Swiss bank accounts

A stunning exposure on Sonia Gandhi’s secret billions in Swiss banks came, surprisingly, from Switzerland itself, where the world’s corrupt stash away their booty. In its issue of November 19, 1991, Schweizer Illustrierte, the most popular magazine of Switzerland, did an exposé of over a dozen politicians of the third world, including Rajiv Gandhi, who had stashed away their bribe monies in Swiss banks. Schweizer Illustrierte, not a rag, sells some 2,15,000 copies and has a readership of 9,17,000 — almost a sixth of Swiss adult population. Citing the newly opened KGB records, the magazine reported ‘that Sonia Gandhi the widow of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was controlling secret account with 2.5 billion Swiss Francs (equal to $2.2 billion) in her minor son’s name’. The $2.2 billion account must have existed from before June 1988 when Rahul Gandhi attained majority. y any calculation the present size of the $2.2 billion secret funds of the family in Swiss banks seems huge — anywhere between Rs 43,000 plus to some Rs 84,000 crore!

KGB records

Another expose emanating from the archives of the Russian spy outfit KGB, is far more serious. It says that the Gandhi family has accepted political pay-offs from the KGB — a clear case of treason besides bribe. In her book The State Within a State: The KGB and its Hold on Russia-Past, Present, and Future, Yevgenia Albats, an acclaimed investigative journalist, says: “A letter signed by Victor Chebrikov, who replaced Andropov as the KGB head in 1982 noted: ‘the USSR KGB maintains contact with the son of the Premier Minister Rajiv Gandhi (of India). R Gandhi expresses deep gratitude for the benefits accruing to the Prime Minister’s family from the commercial dealings of the firm he controls in co-operation with the Soviet foreign trade organisations. R Gandhi reports confidentially that a substantial portion of the funds obtained through this channel are used to support the party of R Gandhi’.” (p.223). Albats has also disclosed that, in December 2005, KGB chief Victor Chebrikov had asked for authorisation from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, “to make payments in US dollars to the family members of Rajiv Gandhi, namely Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ms Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi.” And even before Albats’ book came out the Russian media had leaked out the details of the pay-offs. Based on the leaks, on July 4, 1992, The Hindu had reported: “the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service admits the possibility that the KGB could have been involved in arranging profitable Soviet contract for the company controlled by Rajiv Gandhi family”.

Breach of Indian laws

As insurance agent

Sonia Gandhi, was acting as an insurance agent of a public sector insurance company[Oriental Fire&Insurance] during tenure of Indira Gandhi, giving the Prime Minister’s official residence as her business address, and using undue influence to get insured the officers of the PMO, while remaining as an Italian citizen[thus violating FERA]. There was an uproar in Parliament, but Mrs. Indira Gandhi had no alternative but to cut her losses. She made a rare admission in a written reply a few days later that it indeed was so, and that it was by mistake, but that Sonia had resigned from her insurance agency

A C Gupta Commission

The Supreme Court Justice A.C. Gupta Commission set up by the Janata Party government in 1977 came out with a voluminous report on the Maruti Company then owned by the Gandhi family, and has listed eight violations of FERA, Companies Act, and Foreigners Registration Act by Sonia Gandhi. She was never prosecuted, but can still be prosecuted because under Indian law, economic crimes are not subject to the statute of limitation.

Enrollment as voter while being an Italian

In January 1980, Indira Gandhi returned as Prime Minister. The first thing Sonia did was to enroll herself as a voter. This was a gross violation of the law, enough to cause cancellation of her visa [since she was admittedly an Italian citizen then]. There was some hullabaloo in the press about it, so the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer got her name deleted in 1982. But in January 1983, she again enrolled herself as a voter even while as a foreigner [she first applied for citizenship in April 1983]


Bofors scam and freeing Quattrocchi

After the Congress under Sonia Gandhi came to power in 2004, Quattrocchi was quickly relieved of all hardships.

  • In June 2003, a London branch of the Swiss bank BSI AG was found by the Interpol to have two accounts held by Quattrocchi and his wife Maria, containing Euros 3 million and $1 million. These accounts were then frozen upon the request of the CBI. However, on December 22, 2005, the Indian government position changed rather suddenly. The law minister Hansraj Bhardwaj deputed the additional solicitor general of India, Mr. B. Dutta, to London to specifically request release of these accounts. However, it appears that the law ministry never consulted the investigating agency, CBI in this matter
  • Even though On 6 February 2007, Quattrocchi was detained in Argentina on the basis of the Interpol warrant, the CBI let him go free by seemingly deliberate errors on its part.
  • In April 2009, The Interpol removed the red-corner notice issued against Ottavio Quattrocchi after a request from the Central Bureau of Investigation
  • A major chapter in the 25-year-old Bofors saga was closed with a Tis Hazari court here discharging Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi from the payoffs case after allowing the CBI to withdraw prosecution against him.

Antique shops in Italy

Subramaniam Swamy has alleged that Sonia’s mother, Paola Maino, and sister Anushka Winci owned the shops, Etinica in Rivolta and Ganpaty in Orbassano, the Mainos’ hometown in Italy. The CBI had to seek Interpol’s help after the Italian foreign ministry refused to part with the information, saying the matter should be taken up by the “Indian judicial authority directly with (the) Italian judicial authority”.

Oil licenses to ENI Italy

See ENI scam

After the UPA came back to power in 2004, ENI Italy started exploration of oil along the west coast of India and Andaman islands to name few. The company had links with Quattrochi and is rumored to have Massimo Quattrochi in senior advisory position. ENI is the owner of Snamprogetti which got many contracts during the Rajiv Gandhi regime.






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    Sometime before Madhanrao Scindia died under mysterious circumstances, Delhi was abuzz with rumors that both Maino & Scindia were involved in a car crash just outside the Delhi IIT gate past midnight. Many IIT students taking late-night tea at kiosks outside IIT hostel premises are reported to have seen the accident & Maino being whisked away quickly.
    Another event worth highlighting is the conspiracy theory behind Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.Dr. Swami said.”There is a string of circumstantial evidence pointing to the prima facie possibility that the Maino family may have contracted with the LTTE to kill Rajiv Gandhi.”Mystery surrounding the death of Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia’s connections with LTTE will,perhaps remain just that – Mystery.

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