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Modern Education will interfere with Terrorist education (Islamic )



RVM fails to benefit madrassas

TNN Jan 14, 2012, 04.26AM IST


HYDERABAD: Despite the enormity of the annual budget of the Rajiv Vidya Mission (RVM), madrassa and Urdu medium schools within its purview seem to have hardly benefitted from it. Started in 2003, one of the objectives of the RVM was to introduce a modern education apart from the Islamic curriculum already existing in these seminaries. However, of the staggering Rs 4,660 crore with the RVM, only Rs 33.56 crore have been allocated to these madrassas. Also, with a few religious scholars expressing fears that a modern education may ‘interfere’ with the nature of religious instruction in these seminaries, a modern education for students of seminaries remains a distant dream.

With officials of RVM claiming that they provide free text books and mid-day meals to 95,304 students of 1,128 madrassa in 21 districts (except Srikakulam and East Godavari districts) across the state, and 3,000 ‘vidya volunteers’ as teachers, the figures on paper present a promising scenario. However, of these 95,304 students, only 3,364 have appeared for the SSC examination with an abysmal 40% pass percentage. There have also been many instances of students dropping out due to the long study hours.

Given that SSC is the minimum qualification of these teachers, the results seem self-explanatory. Explaining the slow progress of students, Akramullah Khan, state coordinator for minorities, RVM, says, "It is only natural that these students find it difficult to adapt to a change in curriculum. A shift from only learning religious matters to understanding subjects like mathematics, science and social studies can be a little difficult. However, there have been many instances when students who have failed examinations are undeterred by setbacks. They appear for supplementary examinations till they pass. Also, many students have displayed an exceptional memory because of the rigorous regime of memorising the Quran. We feel that a combination of religious studies and modern education can help the students to become productive members of society."

According to Khan, efforts are being made to make students here computer literate. He says that 194 schools with good infrastructure have been identified and that three computers per seminary are being given.








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