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A Brief Profile of Dr Pravin Togadia

A Brief Profile of Dr Pravin Togadia

An Eminent Cancer Surgeon & International Working President of VHP

Born in 1956 in a simple farmer family, a boy of age 8 nurtured the dream of becoming a doctor to serve the nation. At the age of 10, he came to a big city Ahmedabad from a small village in Gujarat to fulfill this dream. His mother back in village selling milk & taking care of a small farm helped his dream come true when along with his studies & cooking own food from the tender age of 11 under the leaking roof of a tin shed in a slum, this boy took the path of a goal of Hindu well-being. At such young age he was taken into the RSS fold & his association with RSS now is over 40 years as Swayamsevak & also on various posts.

Pravin Togadia then went on to do his M.S. in Surgical Oncology (Cancer Surgery). After completing the studies with flying colours while simultaneously working on social cause, there he was, Dr Pravin Togadia, an eminent Cancer Surgeon. Known for handling the most complex Cancer surgeries with finer ease, speed & utmost care for the patients, Dr Togadia has done over 10000 successful surgeries. After over 14 years of bright practice & then donating a busy hospital to the social charity, Dr Togadia now handling equally complex work of VHP as International Working President, where he looks after not only the organization’s structural matters but also various social projects of the organization.

Known as a ‘People’s Man’, Dr Togadia travels extensively 25 days a month all over India including the remotest areas like Talasari to Kalahandi & from Naugav in Assam to Raverkhedi in M.P. Crossing over 500000 kms a year & meeting almost 100000 people – young, old, middle ages & from all walks of life – a month, Dr Togadia has developed a keen insight about the psyche’ of India & the Socio-Cultural, Socio-Economic & Socio-Medical issues prevailing in India. Dr Togadia is also an inspiration behind reaching various Goshalas’ Consumer Aayurvedic products to millions of consumers of Bharat & thereby save cows. He also is a instrumental in creating & running Hindu Help Line – a 24 X 7 Help Line for Hindus all over Bharat. He has embarked on a unique concept of Hindu Business Connect – Connecting Businesses; Connecting People!

Despite his busy lifestyle, Dr Togadia keenly nurtures his reading hobby & reads Ancient Hindu literature like Vedas, Puraans as well as authors like Samuel Huntington & Marketing Guru Philip Kotler with great interest. Dr Togadia is a regular columnist for The Organiser, Punjab Kesari & also writes occasionally for other publications. He is currently working on a book that could well be his Magnum Opus. His other book ‘TogadiaSpeak’ too is coming soon.

Contact: drtogadia@gmail.com ; 098253 23406

  1. Chirag Jethwa
    February 11, 2012 at 7:38 am

    Only Dr. Pravinbhai Togadia is my roll model.

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