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Hindu Healed, Idols Burned at CFAN Nigeria Crusade

Hindu Healed, Idols Burned at CfaN Nigeria Crusade



daniel kolenda in nigeriaEvangelist Kolenda listens to the testimony of a Hindu man who was visiting Nigeria and heard the gospel preached from a far-away house. (CfAN)

Christ for All Nations just wrapped up another week of what evangelist Daniel Kolenda likes to call “Holy Spirit evangelism” in Agbani, Nigeria.

Five hundred thousand people attended the meetings—and many received Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Kolenda reports the masses were overflowing with joy and gratitude. One woman even gave him a sheep as a gift of appreciation.

A local chief brought his witchcraft shrine, which had been in his family for several generations. During the crusade, he broke it down and, alongside Kolenda, burned it in a heap with other idols, fetishes, charms amulets and juju. As is typical at CfAN crusades, people were healed by the power of God.

“After praying for the sick, I was taking testimonies when I noticed a man who was clearly not Nigerian standing in the testimony line. He told me that he was a Hindu from India and is visiting Agbani on a work-related trip,” Kolenda explains.

“He was not at the crusade, but was actually far away in a house when he heard me preaching the gospel over the massive P.A. system. He knelt down right there in his home and prayed with me to receive Jesus. Not only was he saved, but he was also healed from a terrible infirmity that had troubled him for several months.”







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