Evangelist thugs in the North East of India


India (MNN) ― When you think of Bible distribution, you might not think of schools; but for Bibles for the World, the two go hand-in-hand.

Bibles for the World distributes thousands of Scriptures all across the globe every year. But their ministry extends far beyond hand-outs, to actual teaching of the Word in middle school, five high schools, a junior college, and one seminary.

“We run scores of schools in northeast India and also among the Dalits–the ‘untouchable’ outcasts,” says Bibles for the World’s Mawii Pudaite. Every subject is taught with biblical principles, actually using copies of the Gospel of John with Proverbs Scriptures that the ministry provides.

Students have always loved to read the Bible and learn about Christ. They’re so intrigued, that they are often found talking about the Word during recess and in their dormitories.

Recently among the students, in fact, a fire is burning stronger than ever before. Revival is igniting across India as a result.

Pudaite says one high school felt so burdened for their families, friends, and community that they were determined to hold a public meeting to share the Good News.

“They conducted a special public meeting in the largest hall there is–the hall could not hold all the people who came,” says Pudaite. “Young and old were moved by the Spirit of God. The next day, many of the parents and adults in the community were so convicted of their own need for cleansing and reconciliation, that they went outside the village in the forest to pray and seek God.”




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