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Book of Hate (BIBLE) Vs. Book of Love ( Bhagwat Gita) Part 1

Many more Parts I will write..but this is just a start..as we go along we will get better


New Testament  == Words of Jesus Recorded by his disciples long after he was dead (Even his existence is doubted ) = BOOK OF HATE

Bhagwat Gita == Words of Krishna whose word’s were recorded as he spoke and his message is for everyone .No need to convert = BOOK OF LOVE

Lets compare the Bible and Gita

1)      Remember Gita is only 700  Shloka’s or say 1400 Lines as one shloka has 2 lines

http://www.saibaba.us/texts/jnaneshwari/chpt06.html  <—The beauty of Gita is in this Chapter .Read it

http://www.hinduwebsite.com/mind.asp     <—Gita on Mind control

http://www.hindubooks.org/books_by_rajaji/bhagavad_gita/the_practice_of_mind_control/page1.htm    THE PRACTICE OF MIND-CONTROL

2)     New testament has Tons of words and Rambling of so called saints and so called disciples of Christ .Big Book but no clarity 

http://www.evilbible.com/Jesus_Lied.htm  and this one    http://voiceofdharma.org/books/hvhb/

So we have a topic which will hit a nerve end of many but I do think the time has arrived to do the comparison..From the Christian side Hindus have been called all the possible names in the world .

I will Give you a list of book in the end of the webpage so that you get a idea of what Hindu have been called by so called followers of Christianity (The True Path or the Thug Cult )




The Book of Love (Bhagwat geeta )

The Clarity and Compassion Shown  to Mankind by Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita

Essence of gita

Some  stupidity which I found in Bible ..YouTube Video’s




Watch this..The Stupid GOD hates..What Stupid God does that..








Watch this Video   ==  a Must Watch Video





The Love of Christianity  for Hindus








The Christian conquest of India  By James Mills Thoburn



The Christless nations: a series of addresses on Christless nations  By James Mills Thoburn

In the tiger jungle: and other stories of missionary work among the Telugus …By Jacob Chamberlain, Francis E. Clark



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