A Hindu Converted to Christianity ..HIP HIP Hooray ..One Soul Harvested



Testimony: Forsaking The World And Family To Follow Jesus Christ


Surendra was born into a devout Hindu family in Jabalpur in India.

Growing up, he often got into trouble. His father sent him to work in a hardware shop to break him of his bad habits and keep him out of trouble.

While working in the hardware shop, Surendra completed high school as well as college. Because of his honest and sincere work ethic, the shop owner promised him he would open a shop and let him run it independently. But as time went on, the shop owner began to suggest that he should seek a job elsewhere.

Surendra began to realize that he had been deceived.

So at the age of 21 years, Surendra Kumar decided to leave home and start his own business without any financial support or capital.

His income increased and he became well off financially. Simultaneously he started smoking, drinking, visiting bars, pubs and dance clubs.

Due to his bad habits he began to feel tense and started drinking heavily. He became lonely and empty and was very confused. He began seeking spiritual guidance through astrology. He would waste 16 years of his life involved in worldly pursuits.

He was feeling helpless and depressed seeking deliverance and obtaining guidance from the wrong kinds of people.

Then in November of 2001, he came in contact with a Christian lady who was his landlord and she invited him to a prayer meeting. There, he heard a pastor deliver a message from God’s Word. He began to follow Christ and was starting to feel a great change in his life.



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