Rajiv Malhotra : An Intellectual Kshatriya

Rajiv Malhotra : An Intellectual Kshatriya




Today,  I came across Rajiv Malhotra – termed popularly as an Intellectual Kshatriya (Warrior). He is surely an awesome eloquent spokesperson for Sanatana Dharma in the West! He runs Infinity foundation. He is from management consulting background for big firms like AT&T in the United States. I did come across his work during the prior years, but never spent a full hour listening to his immense knowledge and the power of delivery. Today’s time spent was an eye opener!
Needless to say, I was so impressed with his speech & the wide array of topics he covered, I am taking time to write this blog, encouraging others to learn more about this spectacular strategist, thinker and speaker!


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