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Thugs of Christianity in NEPAL and BLAME HINDU’s Campaign



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Nepal: Nepali Christians grow, united against the threat of Hindu fundamentalism

Kathmandu – In the past few years, fundamentalism has quickly grown in Nepal. Elements in the ruling class, especially from the old guard, want to make Hinduism the state religion, “like before 1990”. Fr Lawrence Maniyar, Jesuit regional superior, spoke to AsiaNews about it. In his view, threats to religious freedom have “brought together the different Church leaders”.
The clergyman confirms that conversions have taken place and that the community is in constant growth thanks to adults who are baptised “during public worship”. However, if restrictions are introduced in religious matters, it will mean a return to “underground baptisms”, he warned.
Yet, despite the dangers and threats, Fr Lawrence sees the current situation as a “blessing” because it allows Christians to be “true disciples of Christ”. In other nations, “things are far worse.”
Here is Fr Lawrence’s interview with AsiaNews:

How do you see the situation of Catholics after the fall of monarchy?

The Catholic Church, like other Christian Churches, now faces more challenges than before. Hindu fundamentalism has been growing rapidly for the last four years and there is a great effort to make it the state religion, like before 1990. We are now fighting against this at different levels, in different ways. Politicians made a decision in parliament four years

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