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Thugs of Christianity from Brazil .. on Hinduism



Fun fact: The world’s oldest religion

Many people often run away from debates about "Religion", stating that "religion does not discuss." For me, religion does not judge, but rather discussed.

Everyone has the right to profess the belief that you want and you can not admit the right of interference by any person or institution that is. But it is not permissible for one want to impose their religious beliefs to others.

And the "fight" religious usually happens because each one defends their belief as the only true and just. Here’s the misunderstanding of faith. It is in this case that religion is its paradox: seen as a way of spreading the good of mankind, there were few conflicts triggered by it throughout history.

But among so many religions that exist today in the world, which one is the oldest?

It is Hinduism. Who can guarantee is theologian Rafael Rodrigues da Silva, Catholic University (PUC) of São Paulo. The dispute with the religions of ancient Egypt and Zoroastrianism (appeared in Persia) is tough, but the belief adopted by 80% of India’s population gains. The earliest sacred texts of Hinduism, the Vedas, were written over 3500 years. The origins of religion, however, have roots in prehistory.Hinduism does not have a particular founder, Muhammad and Islam, and admit complete freedom of belief, gathering a cult who worship many gods and deities – the most important are Brahma (which represents the principle creator), Vishnu (the god of sun) and Shiva (the storm). Although older, Shamanism can not be considered a religion, says Rodrigues da Silva, because it has no clear organization, with doctrine (set of principles) and clergy (priests entity).

Its central figure is the shaman, tribal healer, according to the followers believe, is able to visit the spirit world and redeem the souls of sick people.Zoroastrianism, in turn, is the oldest religion created by a known founder, the prophet Zoroaster, or Zarathustra.

Religion, in general, is very important to mankind as an instrument maker moral principles and values. However, all religions should appreciate the respect for all those who have different beliefs. This should be the principle more than pleased, indeed, all the gods …

Source: http://mundoestranho.abril.com.br/materia/qual-ea-religiao-mais-antiga

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Vina S. Garcia de Moraes said …

Josimar teacher, I believe that understanding the need for mutual respect between faiths dirvesas is a common understanding between us. History is a great ally to come to this conclusion is not it?

June 19, 2011 11:30

Josimar Teacher said …

Hi Vina. Your blog is wonderful. I admire their commitment to promote the beauty and the events of their beautiful city. I was pleased with his comment on my blog and would like to have her as a follower and I became his follower. Hugs and congratulations.

June 22, 2011 14:08



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