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Sonia Gandhi Exposed (via From barmaid to empress of India Sonia is our curse and lament)


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via From barmaid to empress of India Sonia is our curse and lament

  1. Dr. Batti lal Bairwa
    July 30, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Dear Dr. Swami , after going through your talk about a woman some thing like to point out :
    1. Your first knowledge about Sonia Gandhi that where she expand her Five year of Life , your further nurture knowledge for established her London living with KGB establishment help?
    Whether you have any knowledge that she even function in Landon for any purpose against the interest of india ?
    if not then how you have surmises ,just to gain your publicity out of her good image and reputation in India.

    It is always witness history that some time some intellectual could not liberate himself and get en-groused with evil of their chauvinism desire ,like Hitler, they distract himself and their knowledge and become negative ,
    After seeing your good and god gifted logical knowledge communication skill , I advise to help to construct India , unite India , Help to join hand with all constructive institution and work to strengthen delivery of mechanism, so welfare could be achieve at ground ,

    India after independence to till date and even in coming next 50 years , require silent functionary to liberate the people of India to liberate from dark attachment ,how much you can work to liberate people who badly schooled under attachment schooling , work for develop exchange values among citizen route, remove conflict darkness exist after so long slavery of the people , and develop proud over the moral value in people ,
    Giving lecture among power and opportunity seeking people, will not serve any purpose of society where our 80% society still living with sun set and sun arise ,and yourself could estimate whether any independence mean for those , who is still living on the earth like when it form thousands years ago , and they are not only in majority but 80%, what is meaning for those eyes meaning about any one who has past smartness and interaction with greater institution , independence they want only those extended hand to live and walk with them , accommodate them , respect them , touch feet of any beggar when you are out of public , realize in you with how much rigidness exist ,and interact with them and gradually develop understanding among them the difference of their rigidness and after liberation ,
    Where this can be achieved by all this worthless debate ,

    Second about Sonia Citizenship :

    We should forget why KASAB compromise not for religion , but to give some gain to his attachment (his family , like father ) ,
    just we go in depth about compromised life leading by our people who is blowing their body to made better life of their attachment , so dear , let us work in ground and remove darkness ,fight all level of chaos , who exist in society some in depression for not achieving their object of enjoy human as subservient, ,liberate dears only then we can move in global mechanism .
    We should not forget that wisdom and visionary, we witness the existence in our history even when this so called (certificate in various color if words , of degree) under new nomenclature to acknowledge human academic standard not exist , their contribution to the earth is not much less, why we crying for not who draft the affidavit , which was submitted on her behalf ,

    having present degree , so the commerce of this degree holder suffering ?
    However our eager to acknowledge our all nationalist alumni with foreign academic understanding and connection , made him extraordinary to fulfill their chauvinism desire cause for this mistake made by some of her coulis , Third your doubt her sister connection , but you forget his personal nephew is not agree with her method of governance, and thinking , how you can mislead people for her sister act , which has much distance and she must have their own interest in her family , life ,it is also can be better judge by yourself that how after development of attachment any individual goes against any relation for fulfill their emotion and attachment ,

    About Rahul love with her mother home country , we should not forget when KAIKAI demand injustice with Ram , BHARATA AND SATRUGHNA was not in AYODHYAY but in her mother birth place , the pleasure to have love and affection with nana nani is not unknown to any of us ,
    yourself so intelligent , if Rahul will not have any affection with her Nana Nani , it will not be case of his inhuman face , certainly , so what is wrong,

    And why we running after FDI ,
    agree to give every thing for FDI , what it serve , and we have another side teaching people about racism , and belongingness , what all this not a show of conflict within us ,once side we are advocating ,it serve to delivery to masses , and removal of hidden chauvinism , who is created mi sure of masses , and masses are living their life very much measurable , even living in compromise life for fulfill his attachment requirement ,
    Yourself all can judge value exist for masses so care their waiting eyes for your intellect to nurture volunteer to help them ,and their remove miserably exist in life,
    Once you help them to brought in main stream society , they himself change their governance ,Our nation has history how after winning of whole nation ASHOKA CHANGE himself , so build your people again , penetrate in their home not opportunist seeking power with material world ,once you build them , they will change their fate but only once they build , Our people can be build and nurture much better ways then develop country , because our nation is much before this develop nation , educated about DO& DONT,S , we need progressive and constructive teacher like you to change and liberate to accommodate the limitation ,
    Where KGB was how much belong to previous USSR and our most close friendly nation,
    Whether we should not recall that our kings always go beyond their kingdom for their scion marriage , Rama not married any woman from Ayodhya But a Female of other Kingdom , Krishna Too , and countless History , and forget any thing even we go marriage what we plan about marriage , we need to understand mechanism established and object behind the marriage philosophy, then i feel yourself judge the right answer ,

    Your Third objection :
    Sonia give an affidavit for Cambridge academics ,

    It is question , the academic acknowledgement of Cambridge is much higher in our mind too ,so we want to pose in the society that she is not Cambridge alumni, but we are , she is also belong to most old culture and civilized country called as Roam , like our great nation India , her belonging with Roam itself a very great knowledge about level of suppression exist in the society and their removal is only object of governance , I don’t feel Cambridge give any student who had did any job honestly for upbringing alienated society without leaving some commerce for their alumni , yes Cambridge nurture a student to research and develop vision to understand existing values and emotion, culture in the society , to penetrate their commerce by annihilate silently existing commerce and alumni of Cambridge commerce replace their , ultimately what result remain in ground, your self can better judge ,

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