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Powers of Yoga and Christ

All the Powers /Miracles which  Christ showed  you, You  can get them provided you work hard and do regular Yoga as taught in Indian Scriptures. Not the Yoga Taught in Western Yoga Schools.


By doing yoga as taught in western yoga school you will get a good body and yes good health as Yoga being yoga will get your internal system in order and you will feel healthy.

These evangelist don’t understand  how you can get these Spiritual  powers and have made Christ Son of God or God and what not . These Spiritual powers are in Every Human Being.

It take lot of effort and Practice of years to get to that level . May be it take few birth (Yes few Birth /Burning of Karma ) but it is in the reach of Every Human Being.

If someone  ties really hard he or she can be the Christ in this world .It is all a matter of intensity and hard work .


Read the complete volumes of Swami Vivekananda and understand what is what of Indian System and don’t remain Idiots all your life .

Read these two books and Become WISE







Powers you Get by Yoga



Eight Major Powers


Eight Major Powers Part 2



Minor Powers Part 1



Minor Powers Part 3

Minor Powers Part 3


Now Check what Miracles Christ Performed and check in the list if it exist and you shall be Set free when you know the Truth….Truth Shall Set you free…Enjoy the TRUTH


TRUTH..Hurts Right ?

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