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Missionaries from USA with Mission to Convert Hindus Part 1 : From the book ‘ In the Tiger Jungle ‘


This is from the Book   “ In the Tiger Jungle “ Published in  1896  and written by “Jacob Chamberlian “ and now is 2011 .. Means 110 Years have Passed approximately .


Has the missionary Zeal Stopped or has it  changed it nature and its method of working  .This we will see later on as I will comment on it but first let’s see how it worked one hundred year back




The book shows how the missionary zeal was fired up .The desire to convert every one to the true path


Books written by this particular Evangelist are




Now we see the desire to influence more and more people to join in the mission to Convert Hindus and make them civilized as per western terms




Now Starts the propaganda Crap .See how nicely the Evangelist has made sure that Indian’s were not the original Inhabitant of India



Now comes the Punch line




So Every Timeline Starts  from Abraham .Nothing is original in India or older than Bible

This is one of the best way to create fraud History of India..The Thriller in the name of history starts

These are the deeds of the evangelist..The Master of Fraud and story telling



Now this is getting hilarious . Just think people who have travelled from long distance would like to travel the farthest

A Normal person would settle in a area where you find the land and Good supply of water and Ganges delta is the best for that

but since we are dealing with a Evangelist let the story continue. Hope you are enjoying the fraud and spy thriller in the name of Evangelism


Remember till now you have to get it Dravidians Time Line is from from Abrahamic Times .Okay


Now lets see another fraud .This is getting hilarious but we being Hindus who had to suffer this for such a long time have to go through it.



Now Again a master Piece of creative writing. Hindus or Aryans  came during the time period of Moses and David and are the ancestors of Americans ?

This is getting hilarious every second but then remember we are dealing with Evangelist…Every thing is possible in Evangelism





Now the Real Punch Line  from the book




This fraud has to be created as Hinduism has to be destroyed .Caste is a Social Institution not a Religious Institution .

If you put all the blame of the society on the religion (Hinduism)  itself then to solve the problems of India or Hindus you need to destroy Hinduism


Brilliant deduction my Evangelist Protestant Father  ..No one can have a dirtier and a crooked  mind than a Evangelist..this you have to accept


Now the Real reason of the Hate of caste System in India ..






This is only till page 20 of the book and we still have 200 Pages left.and I have missed many points from those 20 pages.

Just think in 20 pages a Evangelist can produce so much fraud..what must be the case with 1000’s of book written by evangelist’s

So have patience..Till Next time

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