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Anna Hazare and his Fraud .. ALL SONIA Stooges

All Italian Roman Catholic Queen (Sonia Gandhi –Aka

Sonia Gandhi and Her Bull Shit Family ) STOOGES





Read the whole article on the website above..I am just giving you few snap shots..


Three earlier essays on “the Hazare phenomenon” enlarged on the duplicity involved of Hazare and company in their crusade against corruption.[1]

The essays noted, in particular, the shady financial dealings and absence of transparency and accountability in the publicly-presented accounts of the NGOs of Hazare & co., though they demand transparency and accountability from others.  Scanned were data in the public domain of Anna Hazare and his NGOs, Arvind Kejriwal and his NGOs, Kiran Bedi and her NGO, Swami Agnivesh, Mallika Sarabhai, Shanti and Prashant Bhushan, Medha Patkar, Aruna Roy and Harsh Mander. Justice Hegde’s association with the politically-biased Hazare & co., while still Karnataka State Lokayukta, was questioned.  Noted too was the gross hypocrisy of their alignment with the person publicly described as the source of corruption in India.

In “The ox calling the donkey horned”, Aruna Roy was quoted on the Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by Kejriwal with support from Hegde and Prashant Bhushan. She called it “a Frankenstein’s monster that will devour all of us”. Aruna Roy is Convener of the Government of India’s National Advisory Council Working Group on Transparency, Accountability and Governance. She is thus Sonia Gandhi’s NAC mukhota in the war against corruption, just as Anna Hazare is Kejriwal’s PCRF’s IAC’s mukhota

This fourth essay, in continuation of the three earlier ones, attempts a response to the NAC perception of the Hazare bill as a Frankenstein’s monster – the wheels within wheels of these so-called “civil society” activists apparently confronting the corruption of politicians while in reality working in tandem with them. “Roy said it was absolutely crucial to impose accountability on the Lokpal. ‘Accountability is exceedingly important. How can there be a super-structure like the Lokpal which is above everything else. And this question has not been adequately addressed in the Bill. If we do not have a critical review of the Bill, we will create a Frankenstein’s monster that will devour all of us,’ Roy said.”[2] 



It was indeed an unprecedented step taken by any serving IPS officer at cost of great harm to his career. Hardly had any IPS or IAS officer had the courage to openly align with anti-establishment activists while in service. Ironically, it has become a fashion among IAS/IPS officers to turn anti-establishment activists after retirement. [Singh’s fasting with Hazare was reported in the Times of India, June 01, 2003]….: However, after some time I realised that my way was different. Hence I decided to keep away from the April 2011 version agitation of Anna. There have been several people asking me why I did not join Anna’s agitation of April 2011. I think I owe an answer to them. Hence state my reasons as under:

Specific reasons why I kept away from Anna’s April 2011 agitation:

1) Anna gets impressed by colour of authority – e.g. his getting impressed with Sonia Gandhi: I have been seeing for the past 8 years of my association with Anna, he is one person who gets impressed by the colour of authority. If a senior politician or minister calls up, he gets overwhelmed. One can never fight against an authority if you get impressed by his stature. His praise for Sonia Gandhi is one such example. The effect of this praise was like a pronouncement of a PR person trying to show that a corrupt government was honest.

2) Anna rejoiced moving in government vehicles with red lamps – very demeaning to activists: After the 9th August 2003 Anna started moving in government vehicles with red lamps…..

3) Anna accepted government hospitality and stayed in government circuit houses meant for dignitaries high in protocol: Maharashtra Government, in order to quell his voice, accorded great hospitality to the willing Anna. He would often come to Mumbai and stay in the posh government guest houses like High Mount in Malabar Hill. These guest houses were meant for government functionaries high on protocol. This was highly objectionable for an activist fighting against the Government. If an activist accepts government hospitality how can be fight against the Government. (This can be confirmed through RTI to General Administration Department, Mantralaya).

4) To quell Anna, Government of Maharashtra accorded him de facto extra-constitutional authority to him: All limits were crossed when Anna became an extra-constitutional authority and started chairing meetings with IAS officers and other Mantralaya officials in the Chief Minister’s Conference Hall on the 6th Floor of Mantralaya, Mumbai. Secretaries and Ministers would report to Anna of the works being done by their respective department with reference to Anna’s demands. (Details of his meetings can be obtained through RTI to General Administration Department, Mantralaya).

5) Anna’s people, many in conflict with the cause, were given office space in Mantralaya to operate from there: Many of Anna’s local associates, led by one property broker, were given separate office space in Mantralaya. Anna’s office started operating from Mantralaya against all rules. It was just like Anna’s men had started running a parallel government. A history was created when an activist like Anna Hazare, fighting against the Government, started operating from State Secretariat itself…..(This can be confirmed through RTI to General Administration Department, Mantralaya).

6) Anna took papers from us on Adarsh so that 2 Union Ministers – Vilas Rao Deshmukh and Sushil Shinde who are involved in Adarsh Scam be removed – Suddenly Anna turned silent:
The most serious thing happened when Anna’s people kept on calling me up for giving papers on details on Adarsh scam where 2 Union Cabinet Ministers, namely, Sushil Shinde, and Vilas Rao Deshmukh were involved. I sent the papers in the hope that Anna shall seek the ouster of Vilas Deshmukh and Sushil Shinde from the Union Cabinet. However he never did so and turned mysteriously silent on demanding the ouster of the 2 Union Cabinet Ministers after taking papers and details from me.

7) Anna took details on Lavasa Hill Station, which was declared illegal solely based on our hard work, and where it was proved on document that Supriya Sule, daughter of Sharad Pawar held 21 % shares – these shares of a company worth many thousand crores were sold later at a pittance – Anna suddenly turned silent on Pawar after taking details from us:
Anna also sought details on Lavasa where because of my diligent efforts on the legal side and along with untiring efforts [of] Medha Patkar and her co-activists, a brilliant case was made. The Central Government had to declare that the project was illegal after a PIL was prepared by me and filed by the Group of Medha Patkar. Further, there was documentary evidence to show that the daughter of Sharad Pawar, Ms Supriya Sule held 21 percent share in this very high net worth Lavasa Corporation, having thousands of acres of precious land. Most intriguingly, despite the fact that Ms Sule sold 21% share in this company of many thousand crores, her net worth remained just Rs. 42 crores! Had the transaction been true her net worth should have been at least Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000 crores. Since Anna had taken the details from us, we expected Anna would demand Sharad Pawar’s resignation but suddenly he remained silent, leaving us in the lurch to fight the battle alone.



  1. August 28, 2011 at 6:18 am

    Congratulation to Anna Hazare & his Team for this Victory of the People over their own Representatives & Public servants, who have for all practical purposes become their Bosses & started demanding & getting unlawful/illegal Gratification from the people for each & every work ,which they are otherwise suppose to do as a part of their duty. .But , this Victory is just a beginning & We have a long way to Go to get it implemented in its true spirit to enjoy the fruits of this Bloodless struggle for Second Freedom.

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