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In the dying days of the Raj … (via Quick Take – As It Happens)

British Empire the master of fraud propaganda and also its news organization BBC or Bull Shit British Corporation…Same side of the Coin…Not even the other side of the coin and yes..British Empire is a Protestant empire. As one African American professor said once..Slavery left the Protestant countries last
Catholic were able to abolish it earlier.

Martin Luther is the founder of  Protestant  part of Christianity
Martin Luther was monk in Catholic Seminary and left it later and wrote his 95 point and then in his old age married a former Nun .Great Life it is. You decide when you read his books…

His poor physical health made him short-tempered and even harsher in his writings and comments. His wife Katharina was overheard saying, “Dear husband, you are too rude,” and he responded, “They are teaching me to be rude


 Basics at start
• Protectorates – Thirteen Colonies
• Allies – Austria, Hannover, United Provinces, Portugal
• Trade Partners – United Provinces, Thirteen Colonies, Sweden, Portugal
• Enemies – Barbary States, Pirates
• Religion – Protestant


Remember British are Protestants

Keep in mind the South part of  USA is mainly Protestants and this was the part which was against abolishment of Slavery and mainly people form Britain settled in the south part.

Connect the dots and also the main Evangelical thrust in india is coming from this part of USA and of course our dear and near British Empire .

Check his blog to figure out what is happening on the Ground



One Question to Hindu’s.What do you call a Guy who broke his Vow of Celibacy and marries and is a foul mouth and is responsible for the death of many..

Hindus Start Reading other’s books also..Time has arrived now that we start learning how others think also…For last 200 years Hindus have been vilified and threatened, Humiliated as pagans to what not.Don’t you think we start learning what makes them think like that..Don’t you?

In the dying days of the Raj ... One evening in early August 1943, Brigadier General Mortimer Wheeler was resting in his tent after a long day of poring over maps, drawing up plans for invasion of Sicily. Mortimer Wheeler was invited to become the director general of archaeology by the India Office of the British government in its last years of r … Read More

via Quick Take – As It Happens

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