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Virtual Vision and Cranky Ruler!

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February 27, 2011
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Virtual Vision and Cranky Ruler!

By Dr Pravin Togadia

Have you played a computer Game? Ok. Even if you haven’t, sure, you know that it is a Virtual world. Meaning? The one that does not exist in Reality. The dictionary meaning of Virtual is: Not existing in reality but made out to appear so. That is exactly what Bharat’s learned Prime Minister has been doing. We all knew it, felt it and disliked it; but in his much hyped meeting with the selected media (that too TV media; not print media) it came out crystal clear that the government led by this PM and of course by his party have been fooling the nation with showing the virtual vision dreams but in reality, its not only hollow but also dangerous to the nation’s economy and security. How so? See a few things that the PM said and the reality behind the scene!
At end of this fiscal year the Inflation rate will come down to 7 per cent.
The PM has been throwing various such figures since 2004. Most governments throw figures on the face of the nation when they are in trouble and when the nation demands answers about real actions. Virtual visionary figures cannot efficiently run the nations in reality. From 15 per cent to 12 per cent and then again 14.8 per cent to now the promised 7 per cent! The lower middle class and middle class care a hoot for finance expert PM’s figures. They are worried about Rs 60 a kg onions and Rs 39 a litre milk! This is reality and 7 per cent is virtual vision because in the same breathe the PM said that he did not have instruments to fight the inflation. Then on what basis he tried to show this hollow dream to the nation reeling under severe price rise?
In J&K, situation is under control and we are going for orderly development – through Dr Rangarajan Report that will give jobs to unemployed youth.
Whom is PM trying to fool? Lakhs of Kashmiri Pundits are not allowed to even vote in Kashmir, Bharat’s flag is not allowed in Kashmir, once a Congress partner PDP dares the nation with a map showing parts of J&K in China and PM says the situation is under control there! Under whose control, Mr. PM? Under Jihadi control? Stone pelter jihadis are given jobs and this is termed as development. It is a cruel joke played by the PM on to the Bharat.
External situation is great because all top 5 leaders of big nations have visited Bharat.
The reality is that all those leaders visited Bharat to sell Bharat their products. US Prez Obama termed Bharat ‘a job snatcher’ before visiting and sold his nuke energy technology while helping Pakistan increase its military weaponry! Obama sold Boeings and French Prez came and sold Airbus planes to Bharat. The markets they are hurting the most are Indian markets by fleecing Indian farmers and 76 per cent middle / lower middle class through various MNCs. This is the reality. If visits by international people is the criteria of Bharat’s development then lakhs of migratory birds too visit Bharat every year! That’s all virtual vision to fool the nation. Pak openly threatens to release 26/11 culprit Lakhvi, Hafiz Sayed threatens Jihad against Bharat and our PM says all is well on external security front!
We have a coalition government, opposition is hostile and states not cooperating. (We cannot do governance, we are helpless – majboor!)
This is the greatest excuse given by most coalition governments when they do not want to do concrete things for the nation. Blame own allies, blame opposition or blame states (and states blame centre!). But common man who has been waiting for great governance for the past 64 years cares a hoot for such excuses and only feels cheated. Why can’t every home, industry and agriculture get electricity all the time after 64 years after the British left? Why can’t all in Bharat have all time water supply? Why yet over 1 Lakh farmers commit suicides in Bharat? Why half of Bharat sleeps empty stomach for want of food? Why can’t Ram temple be built at Bhagwan Ram’s birth place? Virtual Vision of the so-called governance or the lack of it and the excuses are paradoxical and the common man is sick of those. Blaming opposition or states has nothing remotely to do with the common man! Opposition blames government and government blames opposition whereas the common man is stressed in the daily grid of difficult living.
We are getting 1 billion Euros from the British Government as aid. We are the robust economy with great future.
Even the child will tell the paradox in these two sentences. Fuzzy math is a virtual vision where there are only numbers floating as they do on a magical cube. This PM has no capacity to fix those numbers correctly for the nation’s development and he knows it because he says that India is a poor nation. Such a beggar mentality comment from a robust economy is obviously a virtual vision far removed from the reality.
We give Rs 70,000 crore subsidy for fertilizers and Rs 60,000 crore for foodgrains. Then at the sale price, should we term this money as a loss? If not, then what is the basis of calculating the loss in 2G spectrum?
Bharat has not heard such a baseless comment for any so-called economist since Independence! The experts on this will surely dissect the hollowness of it; but my issue is different. Bharat’s majority honestly pays a big amount in taxes: Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise, VAT, Octroi, Tolls and what not.  They have every right to know how much of that is truly spent on them & how much of it goes to the minority who produces unlimited number of children in the name of religion & then snatch all benefits from the majority in the name of reservations!
The PM says that the rule of law prevails in Bharat. Day dreaming is done by teenagers and today’s Bharat’s teenagers are so stressed that even they have stopped day-dreaming; but at this age, Bharat’s PM day dreams! Jihadis attack various places in Bharat, David Headly – an original Muslim from Pakistan runs away to the US after visiting Bharat many times. Those with whom he spent a lot of time meeting them many a times like a veteran film director’s son, are roaming free; but only because of a casual chance meeting with the accused (not even proven culprits) of blasts near some mosque, hundreds of Hindus are dumped in jail by NIA. Which NIA? The one whose number 3 is a Muslim husband of a once Hindu police officer who deposed against Hindus in Ayodhya case; the NIA whose Madhya Pradesh head is a Kashmiri Muslim – place where stone pelters get local help! These people decide unilaterally that Hindus, Hindu organizations and Hindu Sadhu Sants are culprits and send them to jail. All this is for the ruling party to please Muslims. Is this rule of law?

Bharat wants a PM who admits that he did things he ‘felt’ right at a particular time but they might not be right later! What decisions has he made that he ‘felt’ right and then they may damage the nation later? Are national decisions made by the ‘feelings’ (which mainly are ruled by – Hate Hindus – ideology!) or by the facts and to protect national interests?
Bharat is in trouble due to such imaginary Virtual Visionary people at the helm at centre and in many states who rattle figures when they can’t prove facts. Bharat is not Egypt; but Bharat has seen some successful revolutions since 1000 years against invaders and then in 1857, 1932, 1947, 1975-77, 1992 and so on. And this is not Virtual Vision!

The writer is a renowned Cancer Surgeon & International Secretary General of VHP. Contact: drtogadia@gmail.com

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