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US, UK fuelled Punjab militancy, says KPS Gill



US, UK fuelled Punjab militancy, says KPS Gill
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, February 16
Former Director General of Punjab Police KPS Gill today created a stir by blaming the USA, UK, Canada and Germany of having tactically supported militancy in Punjab.

“In those days, it was the in thing to promote terror in third world countries. This changed only after the 9/11 attacks in the US,” Gill, who was the chief guest at the release of ‘Tripura Bravehearts’ authored by former Tripura police chief BL Vohra, said here today.

In reply to a specific query, Gill clarified that Pakistan was a conduit to supply guns and promote infiltration. He cited two meetings that were conducted by the ISI in Germany with Khalistani ideologues and also how Canada had not taken appropriate action against the persons who had masterminded the Kanishka bombing that killed more than 300 persons.

Gill, who steered Punjab out of militancy, expressed fears at the over-exposure of events to the media. “If Punjab (militancy) had happened today, I don’t know what would have been the outcome of our operations,” he said.

Union Home Secretary GK Pillai was the guest of honour while The Tribune Group of Newspapers Editor-in-Chief Raj Chengappa was the guest speaker at the release.

‘Tripura Bravehearts’ is the success story of counter-insurgency operations that were backed by political will in that state. Its author, a 1967-batch officer, had served in Punjab during militancy when he was on deputation to the CRPF. Pillai said that there was a lesson to learn from Tripura’s success. “It shows that we can do this (counter insurgency) without the Army. Good administration is all that is needed,” he said.


So why will USA support militancy in India ? Well lets see the role of Evangelist in India…We need to figure that out..HINDUS are PAGANS and IDOLATORS as per Christianity and need to be converted..

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