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Evangelism and Hindu reaction (via Kone Nakshatra)

Remember Hindus always said Different path leads to same God.But seems many believe that their path is the right path.
Hindus did not start this Stupidity that my God is the right god….So don’t blame Hindus or Hinduism.

Those who started this Stupidity that their god is right god, Are the one to blame

Respect goes both ways…You cannot be respect a guy who is bent upon humiliating you and your way of life…

So what will be will be


Hinduism, Pope Benedict said, offers ‘false hope’; it guarantees ‘purification’ based on a ‘morally cruel’ concept of reincarnation resembling ‘a continuous circle of hell’.

In 1997 Ratzinger annoyed Buddhists by calling their religion an ‘autoerotic spirituality’ that offers ‘transcendence without imposing concrete religious obligations’… The Cardinal predicted Buddhism would replace Marxism as the Catholic Church’s main enemy this century.

Ratzinger had even more choice words for those who are not Catholic:

… Dominus Jesus, the major Vatican document released… by Cardinal Ratzinger… called other world religions “gravely deficient,” denied that other religions can offer salvation independent of Christianity, and said non-Catholic Christian churches have “defects” and are not “churches” at all in the proper sense.

An interim glimpse of the Justice Somasekhara Commission whose mandate it was to look into the causes for and examine the acts of the various attacks on Churches and other Christian places of worship in Karnataka; has generated quite a spawn in terms of interviews, confessions, reports and opinion.   In my opinion over intellectualizing the Hindu view in the manner of strenuously articulating a "defense against the Christian argument" is futile a … Read More

via Kone Nakshatra

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