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Wendy Doniger and Her Portrayal of Hindus and Hindu scriptures .. .Read Everything


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Wendy Doniger talks about shifting views of the lower class in the history of Hinduism  

Wendy Doniger is a Professor of the History of Religions at the University of Chicago and one of the most important interpreters of myth. In this Fourth Annual Ninian Smart Memorial Lecture at UC Santa Barbara she explores the narrative convention in myth. Series: “Humanitas” [4/2005] [Humanities] [Show ID: 9410]


After you have watched the Video  literally bordering on  pornography  and her views about Hindus and Indian Culture do read the articles below

1) What does the personality of Wendy Doinger is shown by her Date of Birth.. Every Person is affected by her or her nature..We analyze her nature from astrology

Yes Wendy we know you will ’t believe in Astrology etc. as they support Hinduism just as you find sex in every thing which you write in your books..let see if we can find the sex in your horoscope .

Wendy’s Doniger Horoscope from Moon Sign. Date of Birth Available from


Wendy Doniger (O’Flaherty) (born November 20, 1940) is an American Indologist and Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions at the University of Chicago Divinity School, the Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations, and the Committee on Social Thought. She has taught at the University of Chicago since 1978.[1]

Much of her work is focused on translating, interpreting and comparing elements of Hindu mythology through modern contexts of gender, sexuality and identity. She describes herself as “a Sanskrit’s, indeed a recovering Orientalist[2] and “an old-fashioned philologist“.[

This is from Wikipedia ..So the correctness of the data depends on the correctness of Wikipedia. If this data is wrong then author of the blog will take it out at once..


Now we see from Moon  Sign   —The Great Combination in Astrology  Mars +Venus +Mercury and then aspected by Saturn  .

So Venus has links with mars and Saturn..Classical Hindu astrologer know what it means..

Just Google mars +Venus combination and you shall see some results.. Then We are Working on a Very shaky data , I,e Wikipedia so we leave it as it is

If Wendy Doniger  Provides her date /time /Place of Birth then we can provide more details which will even zap her as to the accuracy of the Hindus astrology and how good it is than the    http://www.personalitypathways.com/type_inventory.html  .Test Hindu Astrology and I bet K N RAO of http://www.journalofastrology.com/ will definitely look at your horoscope as you have such  a nice view of Hinduism and Hindu Scripture’s .

It is quite important to know the background and the nature of the person as to why or how he or she think’s…One of the best tools is HINDU astrology..We definitely would like to know what sort of mind a person has when he or she looks at Hinduism and does he even have the capacity to understand the Spiritual aspect of Hinduism..


http://www.sandeepweb.com/2009/11/25/wendy-doniger-is-a-syndrome/         Wendy Doniger is a Syndrome

2) RISA Lila – 2 – Limp Scholarship and Demonology


3) RISA Lila – 1: Wendy’s Child Syndrome


4)  Response to Jeffrey Kripal’s Sulekha Article


Now we look at India from a point of View when Wendy was not even Born . lets read the book By Mégasthénès

Ancient India as described by Megasthenês and Arrian  By Mégasthénès, E. A. Schwanbeck, Arrian


Ancient India as described by Ptolemy: being a translation of the chapters … By Ptolemy, John Watson McCrindle


Then that should be enough for the follower’s  of Wendy Doniger. We have another traveller who visited India –From Chinese point of view

http://www.hinduwisdom.info/India_and_China.htm    Hsuang Tsang

Gerolamo Emilio Gerini (1860 -1913) has said: “During the three or four centuries, preceding the Christian era, we find Indu (Hindu) dynasties established by adventurers, claiming descent from the Kshatriya potentates of northern India, ruling in upper Burma, in Siam and Laos, in Yunnan and Tonkin, and even in most parts of southeastern China.”  The Chinese literature of the third century is full of geographic and mythological elements derived from India. “I see no reason to doubt,” comments Arthur Waley in his book, The Way and its Power, “that the ‘holy mountain-men’ (sheng-hsien) described by Lieh Tzu are Indian rishi; and when we read in Chuang Tzu of certain Taoists who practiced movements very similar to the asanas of Hindu yoga, it is at least a possibility that some knowledge of the yoga technique which these rishi used had also drifted into China.”  



5) http://www.hinduwisdom.info/European_Imperialism2.htm  .The European Attack on India and the dream to convert India to Christianity ( Seems one has hacked the Website )..So the data is in the Pdf .Read the Pdf file in full


Anne Sebba author of several books including Mother Teresa: Beyond the Image has noted:

“The great expansion of missionary activity came during the nineteenth century, coinciding with the spread of British colonial rule throughout India and with a variety of efforts by the other governments of Europe to turn India Christian. Bu the end of the century there were at least twenty-two different Protestant Missionary Societies with as many printing establishments to disseminate the vernacular Gospel.  

There is no doubt that, in the fight to deliver Christianity to the heathen, both Protestants and Catholics sent their best brains to India , rather than Africa or China . This implied a recognition of the inherent spirituality of Hinduism, which demanded more than average sophistry and persuasion to win converts. There was a belief that India had a high degree of ancient civilization which by the late eighteenth century, as the Moghul Empire was fading, had allowed decadence to seep in, offering Christianity the chance to fill the gap. Annie Besant, proponent of the philosophy of Theosophy, gave many a lecture in which she aired her views that India was a victim of the mischief wrought by Christian missionaries. A friend of Swami Vivekananda, Mrs. Besant was trying to lead Indians back to their own gods and arouse their sense of self-respect and pride in the greatness of their religions.”

(source: Mother Teresa: Beyond the Image – By Anne Sebba   p. 22 – 25).

Now for the best Rajiv Malhotra


Talk on Rama Setu by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy & Rajiv Malhotra


Talk on Rama Setu by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy & Rajiv Malhotra 

Where is India in the Encounter of Civilizations

Where is India in the Encounter of Civilizations 

World Peace – Challenges and Impact of Globalization

World Peace – Challenges and Impact of Globalization

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