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The shaking hand — “ The Indian Problem “


The shaking hand
January 17, 2011   1:26:19 AM


François Gautier

A series of high-profile scandals, disarray in State units and rising popular discontent against inflation pose a stiff challenge to the Congress celebrating its 125th anniversary. Is it the beginning of the decline of the grand old party’s dominance at the Centre? Or, can it once again belie the doomsday theory, as it has done several times in the past?
The Congress, now in its 125th year, can rightly be called the grand old party of India. But is it as grand as it pretends — or is assumed — to be? Indeed, as it is facing a series of scandals, disarray in State units and rising popular resentment against inflation, one should make an analysis of its history in the first part; and, in the second, find out how the party survived for so long.
The main label that the Congress gives itself is that it is the party which achieved the country’s independence. Well, it is hoped that one day the history of India’s freedom movement will be rewritten. For what is now taught, both in the West and in India, is often the history of the superficial, the apparent and the false. And those who have least contributed to the country’s independence, or worse who were to some extent responsible for Partition, occupy a place of honour in those books, while those who had a deeper vision and worked with dedication for a wholesome independence are in the shadow and have been waylaid by our ‘eminent’ historians.
History wants us to believe that the freedom movement began with the Indian National Congress. In reality, however, the Congress was a colonial tool fashioned by the British Empire for its use. Witness the fact that it all began in December 1885 by Englishman AO Hume, with the avowed aim to “allow all those who work for the national (read British) good to meet each other personally, to discuss and decide of the political operations to start during the year”. And certainly, till the end of the 19th century, the Congress, which regarded the British rule in India as a “divine dispensation”, was happy with criticising moderately the Government, while reaffirming its loyalty to the Crown and its faith in “liberalism” and the “British innate sense of justice”!


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“Also, there is an eternal inferiority complex that a part of the Indian intelligentsia seems to be holding up towards the West. This is particularly striking among a section of the Indian media, which appears to look at the country through a Western prism and constantly worry how the foreign press views India, how the foreign countries — particularly the United States — perceive it, and what the Amnesty International has to say about it. Sonia Gandhi’s ‘fair’ skin may also bewitch Indians because of the theory of the Aryan invasion, which has divided the country, pitting the South against the North, Dravidians against Hindi, Dalits against upper castes. All these despite the fact that all the recent archeological and linguistic evidences, and satellite mappings have proved that there never was an Aryan invasion.” < —Just Showing the Gist of the article…

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