Indian Thought via Western Eye

Published in Devlok, Sunday Midday, October 24, 2010

Many people get upset when they read books written on Hinduism by Western scholars. Their analytical methods result in outcomes that are shocking and bizarre. Yet, they are published with aplomb typical of academic arrogance. There is no empathy in their vision of Hinduism. Nevertheless, rather than getting upset and outraged, I feel, it is important to empathize with them too.

Imagine a Western scholar from Europe or America. All his life, he has been exposed to Judaism, Christianity or Islam, religions that frown upon any overt display of sexuality. To him, sexuality is almost always an act of rebellion, an expression of defiance against the establishment. Its seen as being modern! Further his education has been influenced by rationalists thinkers like Voltaire and Hegel and Marx, who either denied God or made room only for God of Christianity, and who believed only in one life, with little or no exposure to Indian and Chinese thought based on rebirth and harmony.


Read the whole article in the above website..

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