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Lord Ram Temple at Ayodhya : BY VOX INDICA –Read his Blog



Much has been said about the dispute on both sides and the Honourable High Court is seized of the matter. So why write an article on it now?

Firstly, because our pseudo-secular intellectuals and their fellow-travellers in the media work 24/7 to scuttle any issue that is likely to favour the Hindus. The longer they have been in the game / the more respected they are – the bigger are their lies. They have perfected their craft to such finesse that it is difficult to separate fact from fiction in their writing, reason in enough for us to be wary.

An expert in this ‘genre’ of writing is Vir Sanghvi. For e.g. see his “Land of Ram is no longer at war with itself” (The New Sunday Express, September 26, 2010 accessible from http://bit.ly/cQ4dtd). Sanghvi glibly says “I have no idea what the rights and wrongs of this dispute are. I know that many archaeologists deny that there ever was a temple at the site.” The wily Vir might have balanced this loaded statement in his next sentence but people in the business of communications understand the ‘theory of primacy’.

Read the full blog here .A very Good Blog to explain the Lord Ram Temple at his birth Place.


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