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List of Websites to Learn about Islam and Jihad..Good List


http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/Links.htm  for the List of websites

Jihad Watch – Excellent site by Robert Spencer (our inspiration) with a daily blog that should be required reading for anyone concerned over the apathy , arrogance and violence that seems endemic to the “Religion of Peace.”

Faith Freedom International – Hey, you thought our site was tough on Islam?

Dhimmitude.org – Non-Islamic life under Islam.

Front Page Magazine – Heavy politics on this site, but you’ll find some excellent articles on Radical Islam posted almost daily.

AnsweringIslam.org – Billed as an Interfaith dialog site, this page offers a wealth of information on Islam in several different languages.

Anti-CAIR – This site keeps tabs on the radical “Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),” despite the well-publicized intimidation attempts.

Prophet of Doom – Excellent resource for discovering what the Qur’an and Hadith have to say about a variety of issues.  Even most Muslims have no idea of some of the bizarre things that Muhammad did and said.

MEMRI – The Middle East Media Research Institute, an excellent organization that breaks the language barrier and monitors the Arab media – along with other interesting services.

Palestinian Media Watch – A Self-Portrait of Palestinian Society.

Sharon Chadha – Excellent blog from one of our favorite Middle East experts.

Militant Islam Monitor – An online resource documenting the activities and identities of Islamist individuals and groups in the United States and abroad.

The New Media Journal (Terrorism) – The latest in the world of terrorism.  Updated daily.

Terrorism Awareness Project – A campus-oriented research project that provides resources for students and other inquiring minds.

Global Politician – Islamic Awareness – A links page to additional Islamic awareness resources around the web.

Wiki-Islam – A burgeoning project designed to present “all things Islam” from a critical point of view.

Athena Intelligence – Advanced research network on insurgency, terrorism, Jihad and Islamic radicalism.

Radio Jihad – A very good weekly radio show from the folks at UAC.

Phyllis Chesler Organization – A Western feminist who actually acts like one when it comes to the systemized abuse of women under Islam.

There are also several moderate Islamic sites on the Web that are run by courageous individuals dedicated to reforming Islam and bringing it into the 21st Century.  We won’t list them here out of respect that their views are probably not identical to ours, but they may be discovered on some of the other sites listed here.

Ex-Muslim Sites

The House of Apostasy – This site provides a round-up of ex-Muslim blogs.

Apostates of Islam – Ex-Muslims with a message.  This is why the religion can’t tolerate a level playing field.

Islam Watch – Islam under scrutiny by ex-Muslims.

Khalas! – A former convert to Islam turned apostate, ex-Muslim, freethinker, atheist, and vegetarian gone wild.

Stop Islamic Terrorism – Another hard-hitting site from a former Muslim.  Good collection of Qur’an verses as well.

Council of Ex-Muslims – A forum for those who have left Islam, including an opportunity to discuss problems associated with their decision.

Specialized Sites

Islamic Crusades – An excellent video series from Occidental Soapbox on the Religion of Peace’s horrific legacy against the people of other religions, including native Hindu and Buddhists on the Indian subcontinent.

Debunking 9-11 Conspiracy Theory – Seriously, you’ve spent enough time looking at “Loose Change” and the other quack sites that build enormous exaggeration around small grains of truth, doubt or outright lie.  Now find out why none of them can stand up to the truth.

The Official Website of the Prophet Muhammad – It’s about time the prophet started blogging.

Terrorism in Israel – An itemized list of what the Israelis have had to put up with since the 1920’s.

Stop al-Jazeera – This site exposes al-Jazeera’s propaganda efforts in the West through on-going monitoring.

The CAIR Observatory – Exposing the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

http://www.zionism-israel.com Zionism and Israel Information Center

http://www.zionismontheweb.org Zionism on the Web

http://www.zionism-netfirms.com The Zionism and Israel Pages

DivestTerror.org – A site that is devoted to exposing companies that do business with nations that finance terror.

Middle East Info.org – An excellent site that presents well-organized facts on the Middle East and Israel.

Protest Jihad – A running list of anti-Jihad rallies in the U.S.

Dry Bones Blog – An award-winning, Israel-based collection of cartoons that is updated every couple of days. 

Geert Wilders Blog – An English-language version of the man single-handedly trying to save Europe from the Islamic tide.

In the Name of Allah – One researcher’s work into Islamic history and the Qu’ran.

Masada2000.org – A pro-Israel site with excellent articles.

Crusade Media – A news source that attempts to find the unreported stories that affect the lives of so many.

Jihad Spin – The “Religion of Peace” without the spin.

Watson37.com – D.C. Watson’s American website.

Infidels Unite – An active blog that works hard to collect news, including some articles that are translated from other sources.

All About Muhammad – A site that cuts through the political correctness and presents some good resources on Islam and its founder.

My People Uprooted – A saga of the Hindus of Bangladesh (and the genocide of millions at the hands of Islam).

The Story of Islamic Imperialism in India – What the “Religion of Peace” has been doing to the people of India.

Jihad and American Medicine – The author of two books that focus on an anticipated terrorism strike on the U.S. health care system.

StandingUpToJihad.com – “Defending freedom in a world gone mad.”

Attacks on Hindus and Sikhs – What the Religion of Peace did to others in the Punjab in just one year (scroll to the end to see the list).

Bare Naked Islam – It isn’t Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you.

Frontline Aid – A fascinating organization (part of Alpha Management Group) that provides medical assistance and other humanitarian aid to the people in Southern Sudan, in addition to documenting slavery.


Dharmaveer – A Hindu writing on things Islam from India.

Think-Israel – Essays and commentaries that provide context for the war Islam is waging against Israel and the West.

Point de Bascule – French language site that looks similar to ours.

Free Copts – What’s really happening to religious minorities in Egypt?

Bangladeshi Hindu – Life under Islam for Bangladesh’s Hindu minority.

Global Incident Map – An up-to-the-minute listing and chart of all global terrorist incidents.

United American Committee – A non-partisan American group that is sponsoring a Rally Against Islamofascism on February 1st, 2006.

Bengal Spotlight – The Religion of Peace at work in one corner of India.

Observatorio da Jihad – Portuguese blog that monitors Jihad.

Patriot Act Research Site – An American site that has some interesting information on the famed anti-Terror measure.

Sanningen Om Islam – Swedish language blog.

Jesus-Marie.com – Islam – A French-language page on Islam and its origins.

Alert-Pak – An alert to Pakistani terror.

InformazioneCorretta.com – An Italian-language blog (translated, Honest Information) that also keeps an eye on the Middle East.

Indo-American Kashmir Forum – Monitoring Kashmir and the plight of the Pandits and Hindu minority.

Iran Politics Club – A English-language site dedicated to Iranian issues.

Qatar Sucks – An English-language blog dedicated to all things Qatar.

Canadian Coalition for Democracies – A good group that seeks to bring Canadian foreign policy in line with Canadian values.

islam-documents.org – An excellent French language site with many documents on Islam.

French Resistance Action – A French language blog.

Paix Sans Ignorance – A French language site that appears to be both anti-war and anti-Islam.

Stop Islamisation Of Europe – Stephen Gash is our hero!  (Although we do disagree about moderate Muslims).

American-Infidels – “The best hub on the internet for
championing Western ideals and combating the radical Islamic movement.”

SOS France – An excellent French-language site, the motto of which is “Struggle against Islam and its collaborationists.”

Sderot Media Center – “The human face behind the headlines” (as in the Israeli civilians that Hamas is trying to kill on a daily basis).

Politically Incorrect – German-language news source.

Un Poco de Sensatez – Spanish-language blog concerning Islam and the Middle East.

Annaqed: The Critic – A rare Arabic-language site that critiques Islam.

Islamic Terror in India – Reports on the Religion of Peace handiwork in India.

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